Matryoshka Event

According to Researchers an unknown exploit has been detected in the Ingress Scanner that has disturbed the behavior of Mind Units (MU). Niantic has posted on the forums about this exploit and how long they expect Agents will be able to use this exploit to their advantage!

Event Details

It seems that this strange occurrence in the scanner will be messing with how fields typically work for a temporary period of time. Agents will be able to create links and fields under an existing field, regardless of faction alignment, from Friday, April 23rd 4PM UTC to Friday, April 30th 4PM UTC. However; crosslinks are still unchanged. This is the first time this type of action has been purposely recorded in the scanner! Agent InvestigateXM shared video of what this looks out on the field!


To take advantage of this period of time, these following things will be enabled, including the unlocked rewards from the Hack the Planet challenge.

  • There will be a new event metric ‘Matryoshka Links Created’ added to your Agent Profile for the duration of the Event to help you monitor the number of links you have created.
  • 2X AP for creating Links and Fields
  • Kinetic Capsule Program distance reduced to 4km
  • Level 4 through 6 XMP Bursters work like L5-L7 XMP Bursters (+1 Level)
  • 2X AP for Link and Field destroy, 187 > 374AP for Links; 750 > 1500AP for Fields
  • Portal recharge earns 100AP

Like previous events involving the kinetic capsule, the reduce 4km will only apply to newly run programs engaged after the events start.


Event Bundle, Discounted Items, and More!

Niantic wants everyone to take advantage of this event and have fun!  They have discounted a few things in the in App store and created a bundle agents can redeem once for free!

Soft Bank Program Bundle (0 CMU)

  • 1 Softbank Ultra Link
  • 3 Rare Link Amp
  • 3 L 4 XMP
  • 2 L4 Resonator


Discounted Items

1 Common Heatsink (100 CMU)

1 Apex (1000 CMU)

1 Portal Fracker (2000 CMU)


But wait, there’s more! Agents actions to support our planet can unlock the following rewards: 2x Hack rate of Heat Sinks, Multi-Hacks, Shields, and Power Cubes, 2x AP Resonator Deployed, and 2x AP Resonator Destroyed. For all the details, check out the Niantic website. #SustainableWithNiantic


As always Agents, if you plan to participate in this event, please abide by your local areas health and safety guidelines! You can also share your progress in this event on your social media pages but don’t forget to use the hashtag #IngressMatryoshka ! Have a great and safe event!

Featured image was created and posted on social media by Niantic.