May 2023 IngressFS Update

We have some exciting news for IngressFS events! Starting from May 2023, we will be replacing the end of event Frackers for Onsite events with a single Restocking hack from the designated restocking portal. This means that instead of fighting over Frackers after the event, you will be able to hack the selected Restocking Portal once and receive a large amount of items. The single Restocking hack will be available for 30 minutes, starting 2.5 hours after the event start time.

A meetup Beacon will appear on the Restocking Portal when the Restock Hack becomes available (as long as there’s no other beacon on the portal at the same time).

We may change the output of the restock hack from time to time to keep things interesting. There’ll be a special surprise in there for this month, make sure you don’t miss it!

We hope you enjoy this change, and we look forward to seeing you at IngressFS this weekend!