Mod Madness Weekend

Here we are Agents! Another event weekend that seems rather ominous.

Our safety may be compromised and your mission is to leave no Portals unguarded.

What do you think this means agents? It seems our goal is to mod up any portal we can so lets get out there!

Event Details

*Update June 11th* If Agent deploy 1.5 million Mods during this event, the 75 AP gain for MODs destroyed will become a permanent addition. 

This event has started today Agents! It will be shorter than our last event lasting from Friday, June 11th 4PM UTC to Monday, June 14th UTC. The following will be implemented for the duration of the event.

  • 15 minute Drone cooldown
  • 2x AP for MODs Deployed
  • 75AP for MODs Destroyed
  • Deploy up to 4 MODs per Portal, per Agent

Why would we want to destroy MODs though Agents? It seems a little fishy…. But who doesn’t love a good Drone cool down!

Like most of these Events, there will not be a Medal for this event. This event also will be missing a personal Agent stat.

Event Bundle

Researchers once again want to encourage Agents to participate in this event so they have set up a special bundle for us all! This free bundle is available in the In App store for the duration of the event.

Mod Bundle (0 CMU)

  • Force Amp x1
  • Turret x1
  • Common Multi-Hack
  • Common Portal Shield
  • Common Heat Sink

Don’t forget to take advantage of the Defense Bundles that are already in the store for this event!


If Agents meet the goal of 1.5 Million MODs deployed during the event, the perk of 75 AP gain for MODs destroyed will become a permanent addition.


As always Agents, please follow all of your local health and safety guidelines while playing Ingress! It is time to move, and MOD all the portals in a safe manner.