MUFG – Capsule Testing

Results have been posted!

Don’t know what the MUFG Capsule is? Check here.

We have been at work among our group attempting to crack the secret to the MUFG Capsule duplication. This has proven to be a tough nut to crack. The true algorithm / secret is probably locked behind closed doors with the developers. There is no known patterns in our results. At this point we are ready to open our a small form to everyone. If you are frequently watching your MUFG Capsule and are aware what you put in and what duplicated, then help us out and

What we think we know so far:

  • We have seen so far a max of 2 items duplicating at once
  • Duplication time ranges from 6 hours (earliest) to an unknown max.
  • Our average so far is between 20 and 48 hours
  • There is no set duplication every x hours.
    • (We still have a tester without a duplication at almost 100 hours)
    • (However, he is not active so we might have to factor that in)
  • Anything that can be put in a Capsule can be duplicated (Though we haven’t tried Media)
  • Rarity doesn’t appear to affect duplication speed. Single L1 reso/xmp duplicates at same random rate as an AXA Shield


How often should I fill out the form?

  • Whenever an item is duplicated, per capsule.