Nemesis Myriad - Full Results

Nemesis: Myriad Results

Nemesis: Myriad is over and Enlightened won the day with 5 cities to the Resistance’s 3. This time there were only three challenges in each event, the Shard Battle and Longest Link Path, measured every 20 minutes over 3 hours, and the Unique Portal Hack measured at the end which became the deciding factor in 2 of the events.

Having two link based challenges occur at the same time within a confined area could cause no limit of headaches for everyone from operators to the ground crews to navigate and coordinate. Teams would do well to focus on scoring the maximum points for each challenge in different measurements as only the highest scoring measurement is used for the final result, then work hard to keep the other faction’s score to a minimum.

In Bandung, Resistance were able to hold to a very narrow lead between the second and sixth measurements until Enlightened were able to score 7 shards in M7 and then win the Unique Hacks Challenge to take the win.

In Brasilia, in all but the first measurement, Resistance held a tight control on the Longest Link Challenge while Enlightened commanded the Shard Battle giving them a 33pt margin by Measurement 9. Resistance were able to steal the win with the Unique Hack challenge and win the city by 7 points.

Enlightened strongly dominated Busan from start to finish and only let the Resistance score a total of 4 shards to the 43 they were able to score across all measurements. Enlightened won by the biggest margin for the day by 95 points.

Resistance held their ground in Helsinki, focusing on the Link path at the start then the Shards in M5. Enlightened won the Unique Hack Challenge to bring the Resistance’s winning margin down to 52 points.

Enlightened also dominated Kaunas, holding a margin of more than 100 points until M5. Resistance were able to bring their losing margin down to 47 points by winning the Unique Hacks.

Lyon was one of the best battles of the day, with the lead changing hands 4 times. Resistance held a margin of 41 points at M2 thanks to the 14 shards scored but the Enlightened clawed back to lead by less than 2 points when they scored their 11 shards in M5 and increased their lead to 15 points in M6 with their Longest Link Path of 20.5. Resistance then went on to score their Longest Link Path of 19.7 in M7 to take the lead back by 10 points leaving the Unique Hack Challenge to be the deciding factor for they day. In the end, Resistance hacked and average of 85 portals but it wasn’t enough as the Enlightened hacked an average of 98 portals giving them the 40 points for the challenge and the win for the city.

In Madison, Wisconsin Resistance were able to score better in the Link Path Challenge than Enlightened were able to score in the Shard battle, the margin came within 20 points for the Resistance in the middle of the event but they were able to guarantee the win with the Unique Hacks.

And finally, in Montreal, The Enlightened set the scene early being the only scorer in the first measurement and holding at least a 93 point margin until Measurement 9 meaning the Unique Hack Challenge would never be enough for the Resistance to come back.