Nemesis: Umbra Results

The Nemesis: Umbra Anomaly consisted of four challenges in nine cities on one day. Resistance won two of the cities and Enlightened won 7 to win the Anomaly.

The first city for the Umbra Anomaly was Newcastle, Australia where the factions were locked in a tight portal battle which resulted in the Resistance scoring less than 10 Capture Battle points more than the Enlightened. The Longest Path challenge was much less contested with Enlightened scoring more than 4 times the distance than than the Resistance. Enlightened were also able to solve the required 98 Miniciphers almost 30 minutes before the Resistance did giving them a big headstart in the crazy crossword style Master Code which they solved first. Finally, Resistance were able to reduce the margin down to just under 20 points by winning the unique portal hack challenge.

In Sabah, Malaysia, Enlightened dominated from start to finish, beginning with their longest link path in M1 while also not allowing Resistance to score any points in that challenge, then with their best Portal Capture score in M3. Both teams reached the Minicipher requirement to unlock the locally themed word search Master Code puzzle within a minute of each other but it was the Enlightened that managed to solve it first in time for M8. Finally, Enlightened pushed their winning margin up 82 points by winning the unique portal hack challenge.

The Enlightened also overwhelmed Resistance in Taoyuan, Taiwan by scoring their best link path in M1 and best Portal Capture score in M2. They also managed to solve the Night Market Dinner themed Master Puzzle in less than 27 minutes making it the fastest solve for the day despite the Resistance reaching the Minicipher requirement 13 minutes before them. The Resistance did make a very late surge in the final measurements, scoring their best Portal Capture and Link Path in M9 and then winning the Unique Hacks Challenge to bring the Enlightened’s margin down from 71.8 to 42.4 points.

Antwerp, Belgium was another Enlightened dominated city where they won all the challenges except the Decode challenge making it the only city where Resistance were first to solve the Master Code. Both teams solved the required amount of Miniciphers within a minute of each other but it was the Resistance that was able to deliver the shipping containers first.

Dresden, Germany was controlled via Resistance on the ground exceeding the Enlightened on both Capture Battle & Longest Path. The mini-ciphers were solved within minutes of each other, but the Enlightened solved the Email Master Code first 1 hour and 12 minutes into the anomaly. As the final event for unique hacks was scored, the Enlightened exceeded Resistance in unique hacks by nearly 40 hacks. However, this effort was not enough due to the large scores the Resistance had in Portal Capture and Longest Path.

Gothenburg, Sweden was another Resistance held city with them completely dominating the Longest Link path. Portal Capture started off strong by the Enlightened but quickly swayed to Resistance controlled as the measurements continued. On the decoding front, the Enlightened pushed forward quickly solving the Puzzle Master Code in just 33 minutes once obtained. The unique hacking went towards the Enlightened by almost an average hacks of 40 difference. However, despite winning the decoding and unique hacks was not enough for the Enlightened. The Resistance pushed forward with the win due to large scoring in Longest Link path.

Resistance started off strong in Guadalajara, Mexico scoring their best and unbeaten Link Path in M1 while the Portal Capture was a battle all the way to the end with the challenge resulting in a tie. Although both teams solved the Miniciphers in less than half an hour, the remaining 2.5 hours wasn’t enough for either side to figure out the song list Master Code. By M9, Resistance were holding the lead by a slim 5.4 points only to have the win stolen by Enlightened winning the Unique Hacks challenge.

Brooklyn, New York started off with Enlightened early control in M1 for both Portal Capture and Longest Link. This didn’t let up for the remainder of the anomaly. The Resistance made a strong stand in M4 scoring both their highest Portal Capture and Longest Link. On the decoding front Enlightened obtained access to the Pizza Order Master Code first by 7 minutes. It took them nearly 2 hours to solve it, but then Enlightened solved it prior to the end of the anomaly. Unique hacks were highly contested with both factions at an average of 70 hacks a piece. However, the Enlightened squeezed forward by ~4 hacks. The Enlightened domination in both Portal Capture and Longest Link, along with taking both Decoding and Unique hacks led to a sizable Enlightened victory.

Sacramento, CA started off with no links being made, but Enlightened taking an early lead in Portal Capture. As the measurements continued, Enlightened pushed forward taking strong leads in both Portal Capture and Longest link. On the decoding front, both factions unlocked the Restaurant Menu Master Code at the same time, but neither faction could solve it in time. Unique hacks almost reached 100 for the Resistance, with Resistance winning Unique Hacks 96 – 84. However, due to no decoding scores this was not enough to overcome the strong Englithened victories in Portal Capture and Longest Link so Enlightened claimed another city as a victory.