New Glyphs in Ingress!

It wasn’t enough that the New Nemesis glyph was added to our scanners (July 20th) but a week later we got a whole set of new glyphs and sequences for the first time since Primes release!

Yes, it has taken us some time to do this post. Nemesis decided it would take over all single glyph hacks for a portion of the week and make it hard to tell whether or not these new glyphs would be in single glyph hacks. We believe this is possibly because the NIA Researchers are attempting to contact agents for help and Nemesis was trying to fight back during the Myriad anomaly by taking over the sequence. These sequences seem to be giving us instructions on what to do in the scanner and since their release Aurora, from Nemesis, is threatening the glyph sequences! Maybe if we follow theses instructions it will help the Researchers in some way?

Like Toast, Nemesis, and Osiris, these glyphs seem to be following in line with the new connections we have seen in the Ingress Anime. Before Prime, these lines were not used so they are unique to these new universes.

 New Glyphs 








1 Glyph Sequences
  • Nemesis
  • Shield
  • Star
  • Field
  • Link
  • Key
2 Glyph Sequences
  • Clear- All Link
  • Star Nature
  • Shield Mind
  • Shield Portal
  • Field All
  • Link Field
  • Key Link
  • Discover Key
3 Glyph Sequences
  • Repair Portal Shield
  • War Capture Link
  • Field Before Civilization
  • Star Courage Difficult
  • Attack Capture Link
  • Key Potential Link
  • Xm Key Knowledge
  • Journey Link Portal
  • Field Nourish Civilization
  • Field All Mind
  • Destroy Portal Shield
4 Glyph Sequences
  • Open/Accept-All Link Create Star
  • Destroy Field Capture Key
  • Share Key Save All
  • Strong Portal Strong Field
  • Link Key Field Success
  • Contemplate Chaos Before Link
  • Weak Portal Weak Field
  • Defend Field Gain Victory
  • Less Shield More Harm
  • Shield Defend Human Civilization
5 Glyph Sequences
  • Use Key Together Create Star
  • Shield Mind Clear-All Chaos Xm
  • Imperfect Civilization Lose Key Data
  • Simple Truth All Human Star
  • Contemplate Field Pursue Human Legacy
  • Field Together Improve Human Mind
  • Link All Portal Create Field
  • Human Evolution Create More Field
  • Nourish Portal Avoid Weak Field