New Ingress Item: The Circle K Power Cube

Today, Niantic announced the second “new” sponsored item to be released this week, the Circle K Power Cube. At this time, it is unclear if this new Power Cube will be released globally or if it’ll be a region exclusive like the Lawson Beacon.


What does the Circle K Power Cube do?

While Niantic hasn’t released any specific details, from the photos released it is assumed this item works just as the Lawson Power Cube and is just a re-skin.

Update 1 (5/16/2017)

Ingress APK Teardown [1.119.0] includes the Circle K Power Cube and 4 similar audio files as the Lawson. This further proves the Circle K Power Cube is a re-skin of the Lawson Power Cube.

How do I get a Circle K Power Cube?

No specific details have been released on how to obtain the Circle K Power Cube yet. If I were to speculate (and you know I love to speculate), I’d say they will likely release the new item via passcodes from Circle K purchases via their app. There are currently a few deals running in the app now (US only I believe), but none mentioning the new item.

We will update this article as details about this item and its release become available.