New Max XM Levels + Boost Recharge Max Increased

Just now we have noticed a change in the max XM possible.

Level Old Max New Max
L9 10,900 11,500
L10 11,700 13,000
L11 12,400 14,500
L12 13,000 16,000
L13 13,500 17,500
L14 13,900 19,000
L15 14,200 20,500
L16 14,400 22,000

So every level after 8 increases at a rate of 1,500XM.

In addition to this, the cost of boost recharging has changed from 10,000 XM to 15,000 XM. It seems boost recharge is reserved for higher level players. It appears that 15,000 XM is the max amount that a boost recharge can use. It seems to range between 5,000 XM and 15,000 XM (at 1k intervals) depending on how much XM you currently have.

Thanks to Jordan for the chart!