New Oliver Lynton-Wolfe Medal

On 12/3/2014, Oliver Lynton-Wolfe (OLW for short) made a post teasing towards a new medal:

Find me between 10:00 and 13:00 at the #Darsana Anomaly in Barcelona on December 13th, and introduce me to one or more new Agents between L1 and L6 that you have recruited. In return, I shall grant you a passcode for a new and unique kind of Medal, and your new recruits will receive a briefing envelope. In addition, the first 100 Agents to introduce me to their new recruits will get an additional special gift from me…


To find OLW during this time frame in Barcelona, you had to follow an in-game mission, where OLW was waiting at the end.

(Source: Vicki Ellen)



Upon meeting OLW, you received a revamped version of the Oliver Lynton-Wolfe bio card (which just appears to be the old card with passcode sticker put on it).

13.12.14 - 1
(Source: Heiko LINKAMP Schwarz)


Redeeming the passcode gives the brand new Oliver Lynton-Wolfe medal.




If you brought a new agent between L1-6, you received your very own OLW shirt!

14 - 4
(Source: Vicki Ellen)

(Source: Matilde Tusberti)


Along with the new medal, shirts, and random swag, new agents between L1-6 also received an introduction to Ingress letter from OLW himself!

13.12.14 - 1 (2)
(Source: Gerald Scholz)


The question we all have on our minds now is, if I wasn’t at Barcelona how do I get the new medal!? Will they sell the OLW shirt with the bio card / new code sticker like they eventually did with the Inito medal? Will other characters appear as medals in the future? Only time will tell.

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