New Portal View Launched

We expected a change to come to the portal screen, as we hinted in our teardown of 1.71.1. We had no idea when it would launch, but that time is now! This feature should be live for everyone, no update required.

Lets first examine the old portal view.



Then lets look at the new one.




Notable changes include

  • [New] Mission button (which shows missions that start at that portal)
  • [Changed] Key icon and Energy moved below resonator layout
  • [Changed] Share button moved into portal name row
  • [Changed] Portal Level now before Portal name
  • Ellipsis color for long portal names respond to level of portal
  • [Changed] Buttons became thinner to allow room for additional button

We hope you enjoy this refreshed portal view!

EDIT: We have additional changes. A orange/yellow ring will appear around portals on your scanner view where a mission may start. This allows you to spot missions quickly from a scanner view. The indicator appears on the first portal in the list in the mission tab, whether sequential or any order.

ring_2 ring