New Recruiter Medal + Another on the horizon?

Last night, Visur released a document teasing at a recruitment medal. Today, the medal was officially announced on Ingress Report Raw Feed Jan 15 2015.




Recruit new Agents into Ingress and help them.


Recruiter Tiers


Bronze: 2 recruits
Silver: 10
Gold: 25
Platinum: 50
Onyx: 100


How do I recruit and have it count towards the new medal?

To send out an invite to a new recruit you want counted towards your Recruiter medal, open the scanner and tap OPS, and then RECRUIT. From here tap the Recruit Agents button and enter the GMail account your new recruit intends to use for logging into Ingress. Alternatively, you can also send invites from the Intel Map.


All Agents have been given 50 new invites today with the release of this new medal. It was mentioned that more invites will be given out over time, since it takes 100 successful recruits to obtain the Onyx version of this medal.


After sending the invite to your new recruit, they must hit level 3 as an agent for it to count towards your medal. It is speculated a new stat will appear in your agent profile after sending your first successful invite with the agent hitting L3.


Recruiter Medal Rant


What the heck, Niantic? The last set of medals were mediocre at best, but we love Ingress and accepted them into our hearts. This new medal is even more of a poor choice and ridiculous for several reasons:

1) Not retroactive or trackable for past invites.

Every non-ingresser I meet, I recruit. I’ve done this for over two years out of my love for the game and the excitement of seeing a new agent experience the world of Ingress as we all have. None of these recruits will be counted and I’m running out of people to invite.

2) More viable choices for new medals over Recruiter.

I’ve said it many times, medals favor the builder. There are 8-9 medals that reward actions based on capturing portals, modding them, and linking them up. All these actions favor the “builder”. How many medals do we have for the “destroyer”? One… Just one single, lonely medal. Being more of a destroyer myself, this made leveling after 9+ a little more of a struggle. Why not a Links destroyed, Mods destroyed, or Fields destroyed medals? The stats already exist and us old timers don’t feel left out having to start at zero after all the time we’ve invested thus far.

3) What about the Eve medal?


Thousands of new recruits were invited to Ingress by medal hungry agents during this release. Will these recruits count towards this new medal? Not likely. Aside from my regular recruitment habits over the years, this further exhausted the pool of people I could potentially invite to the game.



New Medal on the horizon?

Aside from the Recruiter medal, we noticed a rogue stat appear for a few hours, and then vanish. It’s unknown if this was done by accident or to tease us of another upcoming medal. The stat was listed under the Resource Gathering category as Consecutive Days Hacking. On initial observations, this stat will not be retroactive and will increment daily as long as you hack at least one portal a day.