New Stella Vyctory Medal (Updated)

As we get closer to the release of Proving Ground, we see more and more Ingress and Endgame/Ancient Societies cross over. With the Ingress Report plugging Endgame and anomalies ending with Ancient Society gatherings, the walls between these two worlds are getting thin. Now we see the very first Endgame cross over into our scanners. We were tipped off on G+ by Avery Cannon while browsing the Ingress community this evening (thanks Avery!). Ping @goliadtx in COMMs and you’ll see with your own eyes that a Stella Vyctory medal has been added!



But how do I get it?


UPDATE 4, 3/26/15: 

It appears that Stella has been hiding codes on some Ancient Societies blog pages! Single use codes, keep your eyes open.



UPDATE 3, 2/25/15:

Brian Rose made a post giving some more clarity, making this our first official announcement concerning the new medal.

1) Confirmed that going to Pasadena on 3/28/15, meeting Stella at the Shonin after party, and choosing a line will get you the new medal. Undetermined if this a passcode they place on swag like with OLW (Stella card?) or a e-mail list to later “push” the medal to our scanners.

2) It has also been confirmed that going to Hannover will also gain you the medal after solving a challenge / puzzle at the event. Details are vague at this time.

3) Unlike the OLW medal, it seems you have an alternative method for earning it.

Can’t make it to the Pasadena? You can also receive Stella’s Medal by solving her challenge in Hanover, or soon by being among the top students on her Leaderboard.

There you have it, as vague an answer as it may be. I can’t say how many points you need, or how high you have to get on the leaderboard, or at what point they’ll award this medal. Regardless, you have an opprotunity to obtain it that is not in-person! See the following posts for getting started and information on the leaderboard:

Leaderboard announcement and info

Ancient Truth Support

Getting Started page


As always, we’ll update with more info as it becomes available.


UPDATE 2, 3/25/15:

Still no official announcement on obtaining the medal, but Stella released a video letting us know she’ll be in Hanover, Germany. It’s just guesses at the moment, but it sounds like you’ll have opportunities for the medal in Pasadena, CA USA this weekend and later in Hanover, Germany.



UPDATE 1, 3/24/15:

There has still been no “official” announcements, though a comment made on reddit by rookie_e showed an image of Niantic’s Brian Rose (@goliadtx) sharing the method:



Earlier this week, Stella invited everyone attending the Pasadena, CA Shonin anomaly to an after party. It hasn’t been officially announced that everyone attending this will get a Stella Vyctory Medal, but it might be worth checking out just in case.

This disproves our previous guess at announcing a line on Roll Call and choosing it in your profile. The bright side? Many folks that had not gone near the Endgame franchise got their first exposure via visiting Ancient Societies.




No official announcements have been made, so we actually have no idea =D! But… We have a few guesses you can try to prepare yourselves with.

We’ll make sure to update this as new information is made available.


1) Make a comment on the Ancient Societies Roll call page declaring what line you intend to be.



2) Choose your line inside your Ancient Societies Profile after you’ve signed in with Google+.