New Tiered Mission Day Medal and Stat!

Earlier this week it was announced that Mission Day is going to be held year-round due to it’s success and popularity. Niantic is asking agents to help bring Mission Day to their own cities! You can do this by filling out their form and applying. A personal tip: Get in touch with your local tourism board before applying, explain to them what Ingress is, and what Mission Day is all about. If you can win their heart over before applying, I would venture a guess that Niantic would give these type of applications preference. To find out where future Mission Days are being held, be sure to check their event page from time to time.



Today, Ingress announced tiered Mission Day medals!

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Bronze: 1
Silver: 3
Gold: 6
Platinum: 10
Onyx: 20

Unlike other tiered medals, this one will NOT count towards leveling. This is certainly an interesting choice for Niantic to make, considering how many medals exist in the game and how there isn’t any one set path towards max level these days. If you want my personal opinion, I don’t see any issue in letting this medal count towards leveling. If you end up attending Mission Day 20 times, that’s a heavy amount of work and I feel it should count towards leveling since there are certainly easier paths.


But wait, there’s more!

A few hours after the announcement of the tiers, we noticed a few things. We saw a new stat added to the agent profile called Mission Day(s) Attended.


Shortly after this was discovered, I received a popup saying I had obtained a Mission Day medal. Kind of odd since I was already awarded my Mission Day medal weeks ago for attending Mission Day in Seattle during Obsidian, though not completely unexpected considering the announcement of tiers today.


The oddness doesn’t end there though! When checking my agent profile, I now have TWO Mission Day medals! (see update at bottom of post) First is the classic Mission Day medal, and the second is the brand new tiered one.


Mission Day Classic

Mission Day Tiered

I’ve reached out to Niantic to see if these medals will someday be combined, or if agents who did Mission Day prior to these tiers will get to keep their classic medal in addition to the new tiered one. If I get solid info on that I’ll make sure to update this article.


Update (3/11/16):

It looks like the retention of the classic Mission Day medal was just a temporary thing while they added the new tiered medal. It is also been reported that some people are missing both medals completely. I wouldn’t panic just yet as it seems like they are phasing out the old medal and slowly releasing the new one. I would say if you don’t get your medal back today, put in a support request with Niantic tomorrow.

Update 2 (3/11/16):

Niantic is aware of the missing Mission Day medal for some folks and are working towards a resolution.

Update 3 (3/11/16):

The new tiered Mission Day medal has been removed along with the new stat. The classic Mission Day medal has been returned. Get those screenshots while you can!

Mission Day Classic

Update 4 (4/7/16)

Niantic is pushing out the new Mission Day medal again and states the previous issues seem to be resolved.