The Niantic Investigation: February 2017 Status Update

Hello there and welcome back to Fev Games as we explore the Niantic Investigation in 2017.

So what’s the most important thing or things that you need to know in order to jump in?

The major event that began this month was the #Fateofthe13 Shard event, which began on the 11th. Slowly, more information came to light as to what exactly was going on.

To simplify it, each of the 13 Researchers filled a particular role within their group, called the Niantic Magnus. Due to destabilization caused in Via Noir, those roles-referred to as Archetypes-were up for grabs. Capture the majority of the Shards of a specific Researcher and you will control whether that person should remain tied to their Archetype or instead be bonded to a new one.  The ultimate goal of the Shard Event is to gain total or majority control of the Researchers. Doing so will grant that faction the majority influence within the new Magnus that will be formed at the end of the event.

As of the time of this writing, the Enlightened control six of the Researchers:

The trio of Researchers referred to as the “Three Wise Men”: Yuri Alaric Nagassa, Martin Schubert and Stein Lightman. the pair of lovers Carrie Campbell and Enoch Dalby and Victor Kureze, one of the closest allies of Zeke Calvin.

There are still 7 more Researchers left to capture.

Admist the backdrop of the Shard event, wheels began to turn in the shadows and the ones turning them were Jay Phillips, director of the NIA, and a mysterious individual named Shaw Henson, who seemingly was representing the US Government. As of now, it seems that the Niantic Project that produced the Ingress Scanner could be revived once again….

Who will control the #Fateofthe13? 

Serious investigators dig deeper. Seeking the truth, no matter where it may lead, is our calling. Faction, race, gender, age – none of these things matter here. To get started with the Niantic Investigation, head here to read it all from the beginning. To potentially dig down the rabbit hole, join us at Operation Essex. Keep a close eye at Investigate:Ingress as well as pages of the Niantic Researchers, sensitives and Corporations to learn more.