#Obsidian Anomaly Medal Details

SO an interesting new leak has emerged containing the first look at the official medal for the #Obsidian Anomaly Series!

It is important to note that this is from an events page for the upcoming anomalies. Like shown in the past, details are subject to change and we don’t have all available information at our disposal. We are simply sharing what we know so far. Please do not jump to conclusions until more official details emerge.

The XM Stat Tracer

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Paid participants will have the option to have their official stats tracked at Obsidian events.  Top 1331 Agents* worldwide awarded Obsidian Elite Medal (in app medal will change from Obsidian to Obsidian Elite at end of season).

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Obsidian Supporter Kits


Interestingly enough, purchasing the Common Swag Pack or higher will allow you the the option to have your Agent Stats tracked via the Stat Tracer: “XM Stat Tracer (optional) – have your stats tracked for Obsidian Elite consideration.

Conclusion and updates

Details are still emerging as we speak, and it seems like the production webpage is being updated piece by piece (still tons of Abaddon information on the page). Stay tuned in to Fev Games for more information and let us know your take in the comments.

Events page source: http://events.ingress.com/xmanomalies/obsidian/rio

Update 1 (1/22/16):

All Abaddon pieces of the page have been removed (it seems like the production page was a copied Abaddon one used as template). Abaddon kits replaced with Obsidian ones.


Update 2 (1/22/16):

Event page has been taken down.

Update 3 (1/27/16):

All of the event pages have now been published! Plot twist though, the top 1331 agent competition along with the alleged Elite version of the Obsidian medal have been removed from the new event pages. Interesting to know if this was Niantic’s way of testing a leak, or if they changed this based on community feedback? Perhaps it was a combination and was intentionally leaked to poll community feedback without losing face.


Notice the XM STAT TRACER section has been changed from the previous version above.