Operation Sentinel

Hello Agents! Another event is upon us. Researchers have released some interesting details on what happened in a previous event. Chaotic energy is seeping into the portal network and is stronger around neutral portals. To try and control this potential threat, we need to capture as many neutral portals as possible starting today Friday, May 21st 16:00 UTC to Tuesday, June 1st 16:00 UTC.


Event Details

Update 12:00PM PDT/7:00PM UTC: Agent stats issue resolved – captures are retroactive and should be reflected on your Scanner (try restarting if you still don’t see it). Double AP for all Resonator deploys reflected. Thank you Agents for your patience! -NianticChiaki

Researchers believe we must capture at least 4,000,000 combined neutral Portals by Tuesday, June 1st 16:00 UTC to neutralize this threat. Capturing more would just be the icing on the cake Agents and I know you can do it! Some clarifying details are the following;

  • If the same Portal is captured multiple times during the event, each capture will be counted for this challenge
  • Progress of the Portal capture count will be updated once per day on the News Feed
  • There will be a new event metric ‘Sentinel Portals Captured’ added to your Agent Profile for the duration of the Global Challenge to help you monitor the number of Portals you have captured
  • There is no Medal for this monthly challenge like most monthly challenges.


Bonuses and Bundles

Like other monthly events, there are some bonuses with this event! Who doesn’t love a good drone cool down for that new Maverick Medal? These two bonuses will be implemented for the duration of the event.

  • Cool-down time of Drone Mark l will be reduced from 60 minutes to 15 minutes
  • 2X AP for Resonators deployed

Along with these bonuses, two bundle packs will be available for the duration of the event in the In App store. Researchers have made these available to encourage Agents to help them in controlling this threat!

Mini Builder Bundle (2500 CMU)

  • 10x L1 Resonators
  • 10x L2 Resonators
  • 8x L3 Resonators
  • 8x L4 Resonators
  • 5x L5 Resonators
  • 5x L6 Resonators


30 Resonator Pack (2500 CMU)

  • 30x Agent level Resonators



If the global challenge threshold is achieved successfully, a poll will be unlocked on the Ingress Community forum to vote for a new Kinetic Capsule Program. The poll will be open for one week, from June 1st 19:00 UTC to June 8th 19:00 UTC. So let’s get out there Agents and surpass this goal with flying colors! I know many of us would love to see what the new programs would be and who likes to see a grey portal map anyways?


As always Agents, please follow all of your local health and safety guidelines while playing Ingress! It is time to move, and claim all the portals in a safe manner.