Pac-gress (April Fools)

Pac-Man has made it’s way into Ingress scanner and is expected to last for a limited time (likely until April 1st has finished for all time zones). Niantic made a behind the scenes post about the Pac-Man “glitch” along with this pretty fantastic video:

But wait, there’s more!

After reading about a “Power Pellet” on Reddit, we did a little more digging and found there were a few more surprises in the cache.


  • Pac-Man, Blue ghost, Green ghost, and White ghost animations we are familiar with from seeing them in our scanner today. We are especially familiar with the XM pellets and the wonderful noise they make when you collect them (“waka waka waka”).

The following are purely speculative based on our findings and those of the community. However, given the spirit of April Fools, who knows what we can believe. It could also be that even though the following textures were found in the cache, they could be unused assets.

If you get any screenshots or footage of the following, please let us know!

  • Power pellet? We first read about this on Reddit, which lead to us to a post on G+ by Jason Kalka.
    • Effect: Unlimited XM for X amount of seconds. The amount of times reported in the G+ seemed to vary from ~30-50 seconds.
    • “Weird” color effect after consuming Power pellet.
    • Change to obtain from attacking portals.
  • Cherry
    • We’ve been asking on G+ and Reddit as to if anyone had seen this. Since the Power pellets seemed to be something folks were discussing, why not this?
    • So far we’ve had no reported sightings of this item, even though we found the texture for it.
    • Unsure of the functionality of this item.
    • This could be an unused asset.