Persepolis Anomaly Finale

598,715 kilometers, 44,721 points, 5,951 portals, 424 fields, 50 cells, 41 shards, 20 cities and 5 anomalies. The Persepolis anomaly series goes to the Resistance!

The Enlightened kicked off the 2nd weekend of the Persepolis battle with a bang winning every cluster in all 3 cities to put themselves in the lead for the series. The biggest win for the Enlightened was Perth where they scored 84% of the points.

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As the anomaly baton was passed on to Europe, the Resistance took it and ran with it. Although both teams won 2 cities each, the Resistance’s win in Utrecht with 150 connected links and 54 connected fields ended up being what sealed the deal.

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The final anomaly for the series saw both sides sharing the cities evenly once again however it was the Enlightened that came out on top for this round. The standout cities in this round were Ft. Collins where the Enlightened won with 85% of the points and Milwaukee where the Resistance won with 81.5% of the points.

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A trend can be seen emerging with similarities when comparing this series with Shonin. It appears the Resistance dominate the European anomalies while the Enlightened dominate the American and Asia/Pacific anomalies.

series part 2

Throughout Persepolis, the Resistance were a lot stronger in establishing Connected Links and Connected Fields while the Enlightened were much stronger in establishing Strategic fields covering the anomalies.

The connected cells were split almost evenly for each anomaly up until 04 were the Resistance won 9 of them only for the Enlightened to do the same for 05.

Series Cells

The remaining shards had a combined distance of 184,884 km to the Enlightened target and 245,460 km to the Resistance target.