Persepolis Shards Week 1 & 2

It’s been an interesting first two weeks of the shards game. Despite the even longer jump intervals, the Enlightened have already landed 3 of the shards on their target. In this update, we’ll follow #33 to the Enlightened target, #1’s journey through Egypt, #39’s travels around Spain and why one agent went for a late night swim!

Week 1 Statistics
Week 2 Statistics
Shard #32, 33 – Story (Enl) – #33 is in the hole!
Shard #1 – Story (Res) – Ancient Extract
Shard #6, 38 – Story (Enl) – Shards Jump, We Jump
Shard #20 – Story (Res) – Semarang Resistance’s Story
Shard #39 – Story (Res) – Lyon, France to Balearic Islands, Spain

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Week 1 Statistics

After the end of the first week of Persepolis Shards, the Enlightened managed to get Shard #41 to their target. On 15-May 00:01 UTC, the average distance of the remaining shards to the Enlightened target was 7,874.49 km while the average distance to the Resistance target was 8,970.57

Lightman Shards w1

Week 2 Statistics

Week 2 of the shards saw the Enlightened land another two at their target bringing the score to 3 – 0. As of 23-May 00:01 UTC, the average distance of the remaining shards to the Enlightened target is 8,477.15 km compared to 9,237.96 km for the Resistance with an increase from last week of  602.65 km and 221.35 km respectively.

Progress w2

Shard #32, 33 – Story (Enl)

#33 is in the hole!

By Enlightened Grassroots

#33-aOriginating in Townsville, QLD (Australia), Shard #33 got shipped fairly quickly to the Phillipines with 4 seconds to spare and enjoyed a lovely holiday over in Taiwan before arriving at its destination. The following is about the journey of #32 & #33 while in the Philippines earlier this month.

Enlightened PH Agents Extract and Transfer Shards
May 9, 2015

Susanna Moyer announced that the shards will spawn at 8:00 am May 8 PHT. Forty one shards spawned including one in Cebu City (#32).

A ground team was formed to extract the shard and a plan was made to secure the shard from Cebu City to Donsol at 8:00 pm. Our Cebu team was on-site early and so were Resistance agents who seemed to have plans of their own. A fierce battle to maintain control of the shard portal went on for about half an hour from transfer time. At 7:50 pm, like clockwork, our clearing team removed all blocking links and the link to Donsol was established. ENL control of the portal and the link allowed the shard to transfer as planned.

Meanwhile in Townsville, Queensland, Enlightened agents struggled to link to the Philippines when a blocking link emerged near them. Our colleagues managed to create the link to Samar with 4 hair-raising seconds to spare before the extraction time. This allowed shard #33 to transfer to ENL PH control through a 4,276 Km link.

The following morning (May 9), our agent from Naga City arrived in Donsol to ensure shard #32 would transfer to Samar. At the same time, our agents in Catarman, Northern Samar prepared to send both shards #32 and #33 into one portal. Like routine exercise, links were thrown and both shards moved to the same portal at 8:00 am.

Earlier that evening, Enlightened agents in Keelung City, Taiwan fought a big battle under heavy rain to control the target. The plan was to move the two shards from the Philippines to a destination much closer to target. Less than 10 minutes before 8:00pm, a link from a portal near the ENL target was established.

People watching around the world held their breaths as minutes turned to seconds before transfer time. Shards #32 and #33 moved together to Taiwan as planned.

Thank you to all the agents that worked tirelessly.

copied with permission from Enlightened Grassroots

Shard #1 – Story (Res)

Ancient Extract

By Soliman Abdallah

4 Resistance Agents traveled over 1,700 kms from Egypt to move shard #1 1,200 km! Check out all the amazing photos from their trip.

Shard #6, 38 – Story (Enl)

Shards Jump, We Jump

By Christoph Puppe

The day the shards happened upon Germany, a whopping two landed: #38 and #6. People woke up from a tranquil cycle of build, farm, visit smurfs, rebuild to a planning frenzy. Great community building thing a shard in your ‘hood is. So Dresden and Nuremberg scrambled their agents, hangouts were started and the first shard, #6, was sent on it’s way east. To our great surprise, RES recaptured it in some Czech hinterlands and returned it first to Dresden, then moved it on to a posh area on the outskirts of Berlin, Wannsee. Some may remember it from the Wannsee-Conference, where in post WWII Germany, the liberating forces decided our future as a nation. It’s not a densely portalized and linked area like Nürnberg, where the fight for #38 was lost after heavy and sustained fighting, but there are enough links and portals to provide a lively playground for the local RES and ENL. We got hold of #6 and were able to move it according to our schemes. Something nobody had expected was an incoming link from Scotland. The RES had captured #21 there and cleared a path through most of north Germany, to connect the shard portal in Scotland to a portal in Wannsee, just a few clicks from #6, which we were controlling at the time.

My involvement started with the fight in Nuremberg and Dresden, helping a few nights with operator duties. Quite fun, met new people, learned a lot about geography again. But the moment a nightly jump brought #6 in the area, I grabbed the kinderwagen and went to help with blocking any RES actions. We succeeded quite well and went on controlling that shard. So things seemed to be going smooth. When the first sightings of clearings and then the incoming link from Scotland stirred up the anthill of ENL planning, operating and agent HOs. The RES had captured and fully powered some portals on an island in a public park in the daytime and the link ended on one of those portals. Quite a good choice, because the island is only accessible during the daytime. The small ferry connecting it stops at 20.00 so the link seemed unbreakable on our side. That’s when I decided to cause some [mischief]. Even if they had invested so much effort into this link, carefull planning, clearing and manhours – a job well done, no question – we needed to take the link down. Soon. Jump time is 0200 local, so from the moment the link happened to jump time were 6 hours, quite a long time for such a long link to stand. Either the RES were planning a jump from Scotland to Wannsee, needed a block for their real plan, just wanted to create link art or something altogether different, we will never know, because their plan did not come to fruition.

#6-aAs a boat was not available and landing a boat on the island is not exactly legal, I got the kids stuffed, looked for my sailing gear, a seabag, swimming trunks and fins and got going. We (superglue, kalterhund, raquyas and myself, plutoberlin) arrived at 2200 to find all access to the island closed as everybody expected. After consulting with legal counsel at OP-Central to clarify swimming in the river is not a crime, not even a minor misdemeanor, I got my trunks and fins, swam the 150 m, trailing my seabag with shoes, tricorder and clothing to reach the island. The beach team stayed back and covered the portals at this side of the water. I should have had a better check of the maps. Because that part of the park is called “rose garden”. I came to notice that without clothing and without any help from maps or such. Quite a few bushes of dried up roses welcomed me to crawl over them to land. Which I did, to be met by an electric fence, that is very low and just a security measure to keep away the wild pigs that roam the area at night. After the 10C water, the roses and the fence, I was fully awake and enjoying the trip to the fullest. I got changed, followed a path to the portal with the incoming long link, waited for operator confirmation and flipped it at the set moment. #6-bLink teams set up along the way to the coast (Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg and even on Norderney), went to work to block the path as thoroughly as possible. 60 seconds later the former path of the link was blocked by many links and this ingress or egress route closed down for good. It seemed RES was not expecting this. As quite a few messages in ALLCOMM started to proof just a few minutes later. To make sure, I went on walking the park, enjoying the deep darkness on the paths between the rest of the portals, just guided by the instincts of an ENL agent (and a flashlight App on my watertight tricorder).

To get back, I had to find my sea bag, which was easy, get changed into full special OPs gear (trunks and fins) again, and swam back to the other ENL agents who had done some clearing in the meantime and now provided guidance to our resting place at the beach with a light to help me find the way as it was now as dark as it could get, 10 clicks from a big city. The stars were shining, the weather was nice, if a little chilly as I discovered my seabag wasn’t closed and was full of water, not as bad as it would have been in a colder night. The tricorder was still operational, but shoes, trousers, towels etc soaked as soaked can be. So I decided on a more natural garment and after some rejoicing and swapping of stories with the beach team, we went back to our cars, drove home and posted some screenshots.

I later heard, we moved that shard that night again, so it was a success on all fronts for the ENL and a nice special OPs with some dedicated ENL agents in the depth of the woods I’m sure I’ll work together with some other day.

Shard #20 – Story (Res)

Semarang Resistance’s Story

By Ron Raido (zaons)

On May 7th 2015, Ingress announced the Lightman Shard. Soon, it alerted Semarang Resistance since one of the Shards was spotted in presumably Central Java. We speculated Borobudur Temple as the location due to the ancient civilization clue. Shortly after that the Fast Response Team was quickly assembled which consisted of other regional’s agents in Indonesia too. Our guess was that the shard would be on Candi Borobudur portal.

Day 1 – Shard #20 Spawn

#20-cThe next day, at 7 am UTC+7 local time, the guess was a jackpot; Shard #20 – Dirman (Sudirman), spawned on the Candi Borobudur portal! Yogyakarta Resistance quickly sent a team to guard the shard until its first jump. Meanwhile, team Semarang helped to clean cross links and create block links around Ambarawa and Ungaran. Agent @Shamankingss and @BangsawanCicak went directly to Ambarawa, cleared green portals and links along their way and in the same time agent @FumaKillas was on standby in Ungaran. They worked quickly in order to clear the path and move the shard to a portal in Ungaran.

Getting closer to 6 pm, team was on standby, a link was made from Candi Borobudur to Ungaran and the war for #20 – Dirman began. We were sure that we secured the shard jump as Borobudur gate closed an hour before jump. No visitors were alowed after the gate closed and and we left the link intact inside. Agents were quickly joined by the shard crew at the target portal at Ungaran. Teams were ready to stay overnight guarding the target portal. Food & clothes prepared and agents were on their way to the meeting point when the jump time got closer. Unfortunately, a few minutes before the jump time, the origin portal in Borobudur was Jarvised by @pabusacilad from ENL. At 1st jump, ENL were able to divert the shard to their safehouse in Taruna Nusantara Senior High School, Magelang.

Day 2 – Shard Escape to Tegal
#20 – Dirman did not jump in the 2nd jump time, and remained in the restricted area. Having no option to pick up the shard in time, we decide to go with a defense strategy and force a random jump. Team Semarang 1 was created in order to build blockers, keeping the shard from moving further away. Team led by agent @Batlador, followed by @Ucil26, @Cumisaurus, and @Inside0, went to Parakan around 4 am to create block links fort which separated Tegal from Magelang.

Main blockers were done before noon, with links from Parakan to Ungaran, Ambarawa, and Kebumen. More blockers were set up afterwards. Meanwhile Team Semarang 2 (@Palagan @Qiyamullail @Shamankingss @BangsawanCicak) were a backup team, ready at any given time if the shard jumped out from Magelang.

Our blockers got taken down one by one by Enl. Several green tunnel links were up from Parakan to Tegal. #20 – Dirman was moved by Enl from Magelang to Tegal at the 3rd jump, a city where there is no active RES agents.

Day 3 – The Battle of Tegal & Pekalongan
#20-bWith great regret, we pushed our spirit to take back Dirman into Res possession.  Around 9 pm 5/8, when agent @Palagan was ready to go to bed, Intel team ordered Team Semarang 2 to depart to Tegal that same night!@Palagan was in panic mode since he needed to gather the team and find transportation ASAP. He then immediately contacted @BangsawanCicak to find a rental car in less than an hour. @BangsawanCicak with all his royal luck (a pun intended for his IGN) found a car and 7 agents were collected and Boom! Team #KetjehBadai  was formed and at midnight, @Palagan @BangsawanCicak @Qiyamullail @Shamankingss @Ucil26 @Cumisaurus and @Inside0 headed to the battlefield.

On their way to Tegal, they stopped for awhile in Pekalongan to get the care package provided by @Ilcharama. The team arrived around dawn 5/9, and started the day with the Morning Prayer. Although the team was tired and so sleepy from the long night trip, they stayed awake to start briefing for a plan to kidnap Dirman. Their most important plan was to stay hidden and quiet, but agent @Shamankingss accidentally (or maybe deliberately?) pressed fire!! The others were hit by panic attack since ENL agents @Listrik and @justkidz moved quickly around Tegal after the alert. Agents @Palagan decided to divide the team.@Palagan, @BangsawanCicak and @Inside0 were ready around the shard portal while the rest did the cleaning and tunneling.

ENL were able to put up a fight by making block links to buy some time but our team was super ready for combat. One by one, their blocker was taken down by the cleaning team. Just minutes before the jump, the shard portal was linked to Pekalongan by @Palagan and the rest of the team gathered to the site to defend the portal. The green team were still fighting us but our P7 stood strongly against them and voila! RES moved the shard to Pekalongan in the 4th jump.

Pekalongan is not only the city of Batik but also the city of @Ilcharama! The agent offered his home for the team to rest; bless the Ilyas family! Team #KetjehBadai finally regained their energy and planned their strategy then directly head to the shard portal after lunch. The shard portal was located in a tourism site on the beach and the team intentionally came early to strengthen the tactics. It was few hour before the jump but there was no ENL in sight. We were a bit curious about their strategy.  But we didn’t let our guard down.

Right after the Afternoon prayer, agent @Palagan was super lucky to find ENL agents hiding and spying, “So, this is where you’ve hidden!” he shocked the green team. It appeared that ENL wanted to give a surprise attack, yet they were the one who got surprised. The ENL ambush attack was denied.
Knowing that their plan was no longer a plan, they got off of their no longer secret ‘vehicle’ and moved closer to the portal. The teams had a small chit chat before the battle.

30 minutes before the jump, all eyes were fixed on Pekalongan since the battle had begun. We stuck with the plan to deliver Dirman to Pramuka Island, where another team was ready to receive the shard. In the beginning, we controlled the portal and even a link to Pramuka Island was established. But the 8 agents of Team ENL were able to take over the portal from RES. Link destroyed, portal neutralized, ENL captured the portal and bang!! link to Karimun Jawa was up. 6 minutes left before 7 pm, RES was able to get the portal back and defended it with all our might. @Cumisaurus tried to make a link to Pramuka but ENL were able to make a block link beforehand. In the time of crisis, captain @Palagan came to a decision. He decide to evacuate #20 – Dirman to a safehouse portal in Semarang. The link established and the team kept defending the portal until eventually Dirman jumped to Semarang at the 5th jump! Another victory for Team #KetjehBadai and RES Indonesia!!

Day 4 – Shard #20 extracted from Semarang
#20-aThe next morning, RES were still in discussion about the plan when we got the alert. In less than 30 minutes before the jump time, ENL were able to infiltrate and Jarvis our safehouse portal and create a link to a portal in uptown Semarang. We spent the whole weekend just for the shard and SURELY didn’t want it to stay long in Central Java. So, in a rush @Cumisaurus went to the target portal to Jarvis it. Link destroyed just in time, very close to jump time. At 6th jump time, #20 – Dirman stayed where he was.
The safehouse portal was proven not safe anymore. Thus we decide to deliver Dirman as soon as possible out from Semarang. In the afternoon, 3 agents @Ilcharama, @Shamankingss and @Ucil26 were sent to guard the portal, waiting to take control of the shard. As precautions if something happened, agents @Zulfie, @ZulZel and @Adipanpan(now @Hemigaleus) were contacted to stand by around Semarang, ready to dispatch. @BangsawanCicak, @FumaKillas & @Palagan each dispatched to Kudus, Pati, and Demak, clearing blockers that set up by ENL, while also set up our own blockers to deny shard movement. All prepared for the worse.

That night, minutes before the deciding time, a guide link was established from Marina Beach to Pramuka Island. The shard portal was ADAed, link was established to Pramuka Island and Dirman jumped out of Central Java at 7th jump!! Hooray!!

Semarang Resistance had worked extra hard for 4 days. Agents traveled to remote areas, cleaned green links, created block links, and went to battle to make sure that the Resistance can deliver the shard to its goal portal. A small celebration wasn’t a sin. Some agents gathered to share stories and even @Ilcharama got special entertainment by the infamous Tamara; the local street singer.

Our biggest gratitude goes to all Indonesian Resistance Agents, who we can not mention one by one. We may win the battle, but have not won the war. So lets keep united until the very end under Indonesian Resistance flags!

Special mention:@Grounde @DrawRanger @Blukutuk @Saudagar @8vU

Compiled by:@vincyrae


#39-aShard #39 – Story (Res)

Lyon, France to Balearic Islands, Spain

By FrNico

Last week, one of the 41 Shards, #39, appeared in the Portal Network in Parc de la Tête d’Or (literally “Park of the Golden Head”), an urban park in heavily populated area.

First, ENL Teams managed successfully to move the shard outside of Lyon, then RES Teams moved it South to Palma, Balearic Islands, making 3 stops in Romans-sur-Isère, Nyons and Salon-de-Provence. Despite ENL backup coming from various cities, it seems they quit the shard game in France after 12 hours in Nyons. At the end, Palma RES Team pulled #39 from Salon-de-Provence. Please take good care of our package!

Thank you ENL agents for that fair fight, it was a real pleasure! Thank you all RES agents for moving that shard to a RES-friendly area. Once again, French Resistance can be proud, united, we can move mountains (or shards)! Shard #39: we hope to never see you again (I know… never say never…)