Persepolis Shards Week 3

We are almost at the halfway point of the shard games for Persepolis, the Enlightened are currently in the lead with 4 shards at the target compared to none for the Resistance however everything can change once the target portals flip alignment on Sunday. In this report, we’ll have a look at where the neglected shards are loitering and follow the shards that have made it to a target so far.

Unfortunately, we haven’t had any sitreps submitted this week and without any amazing stories to share, these articles may not be able to continue so please, when you get around to writing that sitrep, please submit it here or if you would like to become a sportscast style reporter, get in contact with us in the comments below or on Google+

Home So Far
Neglected Shards


So far, the shards have travelled  284,209 km, equivalent to 7 laps around the equator. The average distance of the remaining shards to the targets is  8,294 km for the Enlightened and 7,494 km for the Resistance.

Progress w3

Home So Far

Check out the journey of the four shards that have made it to a target portal so far.

Neglected Shards

There are quite a few shards that have been completely neglected and are just bouncing around on their own accord with no one willing to herd them to a target.

#35 has been bouncing around Port Moresby, PNG, moving 18 jumps amongst 7 unique portals moving a total of 23.87 km.


#5 is loitering near the border of Belize and Guatemala and has made 16 jumps totaling 43.5 km


#11 is having a holiday on the Greek island Santorini making 16 moves on its own totaling 51.7 km


#40 is in the middle of nowhere (Easter Island) and is more than 3,500 km from the nearest mainland. It has made 15 jumps covering 69.3 km.


Hopefully someone will adopt these shards and give them some love.

Thanks to Thrakazog for the Shard tracking map and Marwan Sbitani for collecting the data for the map.