Pokémon GO – Third Saturday – August 2016 Results

Saturday 20th of August was the inaugural Pokémon GO Third Saturday event with 6 cities trialing the event. The day saw 755 trainers earn 16.8 million XP and 273 levels, walk 1,362 km and capture 33,391 Pokémon!

Team Mystic won in all the categories scored leaving team Valor and Instinct to battle for 2nd place. Mystic had a single trainer more than Valor (275/274/202/4)

Statistics per team

The average attending trainer level was 20 overall with the most frequent level for Mystic and Valor at 21 while Instinct at 22.

Trainers per level

Riverside, USA was the biggest event of the weekend and easily won in every single category.

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In the XP category, team Instinct dominated in Melbourne and Ottawa, Valor won in Riverside and Townsville and Mystic won in Victoria and Chicago.

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Thank you to the teams that helped kick off these events and to everyone that came along to their local events.

Stay tuned to Fev Games this week for the opening of event registrations for everyone! If you missed the announcement post about Pokémon GO Third Saturday, check it out here.

Pokémon GO Third Saturday is a 100% Fev Games and community run event with no involvement or affiliation with Niantic Labs, The Pokémon Company, or Nintendo.