Name (#240) Magby
Generation Generation II
About Magby's state of health is determined by observing the fire it breathes. If the Pokémon is spouting yellow flames from its mouth, it is in good health. When it is fatigued, black smoke will be mixed in with the flames.
Type(s) Fire
Resistant To (0.8x) Fire Grass Ice Bug Steel Fairy 
Weak To (1.25x) Water Ground Rock 
Fast Attack(s) Ember (Fire - 10 damage)
Karate Chop (Fighting - 6 damage)
Special Attack(s) Brick Break (Fighting - 30 damage)
Fire Punch (Fire - 40 damage)
Flamethrower (Fire - 55 damage)
Avg Weight 18.72kg - 24.07kg
Avg Height 0.62m - 0.8m
Buddy Distance 5km (Medium)
Base Stamina 90 stamina points.
Base Attack 151 attack points.
Base Defense 108 defense points.
Base Flee Rate 5% chance to flee.
Next Evolution Requirements 25 x Magmar candies
Next evolution(s)
1. Resistant To refers to taking 0.8x damage when defending.
2. Weak To refers to taking 1.25x damage when defending.
3. Base Stamina/Attack/Defense are what this Pokémon start at. Individual values (IVs) add a max of +15 to each.
4. Base Flee Rate is only the base. Additional factors come into play.

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