(#330) Flygon

Ground Dragon

  • Info
  • ID 330
  • Generation Generation III
  • Gender Male: 300%, Female: 50%
  • Buddy this Pokémon is always enveloped in a sandstorm while flying."km (Medium)
Def: Immune (0.51x damage)
Def: Not Very Effective (0.714x damage)
Def: Super Effective (1.4x damage)
Atk: Immune (0.51x damage)
Atk: Not Very Effective (0.714x damage)
Atk: Super Effective (1.4x damage)
  • Stats
  • Avg Weight 71.75kg - 92.25kg
  • Avg Height 1.76m - 2.26m
  • Base Stats
  • Stamina 160 stamina points.
  • Attack 205 attack points.
  • Defense 168 defense points.
  • Advanced Stats
  • Movement Type No Movement
  • Movement Timer 5 seconds
  • Jump Timer 11 second(s)
  • Attack Timer 1.1000000238419 seconds
  • Attack % 2000%
  • Dodge % 100%
  • Dodge Duration 0.1 second(s)
  • Dodge Distance 1m
Flygon's Bio
Flygon is nicknamed “the elemental spirit of the desert. Because its flapping wings whip up a cloud of sand
Other Stats
Base Flee Rate 5% chance to flee.
Previous evolution(s)

1. Immune refers to taking 0.51x damage when attacking or defending.
2. Not Very Effective refers to taking 0.714x damage when attacking or defending.
3. Very Effective refers to taking 1.4x damage when attacking or defending.
4. Base Stamina/Attack/Defense are what this Pokémon start at. Individual values (IVs) add a max of +15 to each.
5. Base Flee Rate is only the base. Additional factors come into play.