Pokémon Go APK Teardown [0.41.3]

Welcome everyone to another teardown of Pokémon Go. For those new to our blog, we make a difference report between two versions (In this case 0.39.1 and 0.41.3) and blog about the differences. This allows to find the upcoming and latest changes. With that out of the way, let’s jump into 0.41.3.

Badges v2 & Catch Bonus

The catch bonus was added with this version which is directly hooked to the previous medals of “catch x type of this Pokémon”. Each badge rank corresponds with an additional bonus for catching.

  • Bronze (+1 catch bonus)
  • Silver (+2 catch bonus)
  • Gold (+3 catch bonus)

Badge Collectionbadges_gold

Promo Codes Inbound?

Hiding in the application was the addition of Promo codes. We saw the addition of the following functions

  • getPurchaseHistory
  • getBuyIntentExtraParams
  • getBuyIntentToReplaceSkus
  • isPromoEligible


This could potentially be aiming at discounts at the shop via promotions. We still have that McDonald’s logo hiding in the application so maybe that will be used at one point.


Pokémon Go Plus

The Pokémon Go Plus software also received some additional functions

  • sendXpGained
  • getNotifications
  • setNotifications

For those who own a Go Plus, you will notice additional settings in the application that control what type of notifications you get. There were also minor GUI updates for the Go Plus as well.


Learn the Pokémon Type!

Before you catch a Pokémon now, you’ll have a few seconds as the image associated with the type of the Pokémon will be shown near the top of screen. The border around the type icon represents your catch bonus (bronze/silver/gold).

Staryu - Water Drop

You can see that little “water drop” on top of page to show that Staryu is a Water type and that I have a +2 to catch bonus from the silver border.

Gastly - Multiple Types

With dual types, you’ll see both types indicated along with the capture bonus border. Gastly is a Ghost/Poison type, and I have a +3 capture bonus with Ghost and Poison types from the gold border (bonus for dual types is averaged).

Training Gyms

When training against a friendly gym, you can now bring 6 Pokémon instead of just 1. If the Pokémon you’re training against is higher level than your trainer level, their Combat Power will be scaled down. This makes training at gyms easier for lower level trainers.

Training Gym - Alternative CP Value


Decreased evolution animation

There was a slight reduction in evolution animation timing which should help with those lucky egg runs.


The official changelog additionally mentioned fixes for audio, decreasing evolution animation time (shown above) and “minor fixes”.

Nerd Stats

  • Crittercism updated
  • Added permission for raw GPS access. This API provides raw GNSS measurements for GPS.

This version packed some major tweaks with catch bonuses and gym training now allowing 6 Pokémon.