Pokémon GO APK Teardown [0.51.0]

Hi everyone and welcome back to another Pokémon teardown. It’s been awhile since I’ve written one of these, but we are back to look at the incoming Holiday gifts and upcoming Apple Watch feature with Pokémon Go 0.51.0.

btn_shop Presents

First we noticed a new button that looks like it will be added to the Store sometime soon. This will hold some interesting gifts.

While the contents of these boxes remaining currently unknown, they seem to be set in tiers presumably going from Bronze to Ultra.

Apple Watch

After details emerged that the Apple Watch addition for Pokémon Go was not cancelled, we found plenty of code evidence of its return.


  • Niantic.Holoholo.AppleWatch
  • HasWatchAppleInstalled()


Initial look into this feature shows that the Apple Watch application will be able to update Eggs walking distance, so I’m assuming that the watch app can keep track of progress for you without needing to use the full application.

Pokémon Settings & Costumes

As previously discovered Shiny and Gender has seen a bit more development, adding respective fields to the Pokémon Display class.

  • GenderFieldNumber (with values of)
    • MALE
    • FEMALE
  • ShinyFieldNumber

We also saw the addition of Gloves and Socks joining our list of avatar customization slots.

sealed class Slot
    void UNSET_SLOT;
    void HAIR;
    void SHIRT;
    void PANTS;
    void HAT;
    void SHOES;
    void EYES;
    void BACKPACK;
    void GLOVES;
    void SOCKS;

The only Costume type is still HOLIDAY_2016, so no need to worry about any other costumes surprising you.



It looks like the Holiday changes are not over yet and with most of Generation II Pokémon still awaiting to be launched there are a lot more changes on the horizon!