Pokémon GO – Gen 2 & Holiday Updates Are Here!

While discovered in the underlying code & even hinted at in official announcements. No more waiting! Generation 2 Pokémon are here to catch. Let’s take a step back though. I haven’t played a Pokémon game since the original 151 Pokémon, so what does Generation 2 mean?

As the Pokémon universe evolved more and more Pokémon launched. Generation II means 100 new Pokémon will be joining us. This starts at 152nd one known as Chikorita and ends at the 251st one known as Celebi.

This also changes some Generation I Pokémon. For instance, Eevee has two evolution paths in Generation II – Espeon & Umbreon. As easter eggs (video) followed the evolution path of the previous Eevee evolutions, the Generation II counterparts might as well.

Other Pokémon with Generation II evolve paths are listed below.

This can also work in the reverse with a Generation II Pokémon evolving into a Generation I Pokémon. These are listed below.

Currently, the only way to obtain some of these Generation II Pokémon is via hatching eggs. Niantic specified Togepi and Pichu will be found from hatching eggs, along with “select others.”


Pokédex Updates

Each Pokédex entry has a few interesting tidbits

  • Generation
  • Flavor Text
  • Type(s)
  • Type(s) Resistance To
  • Type(s) Weak To
  • Quick Attacks  (Type – Damage)
  • Special Attacks (Type – Damage)
  • Avg Weight/Height
  • Buddy Size / Distance
  • Base Stamina/Attack/Defense
  • Evolution Path

Each move has a full page with more information such as

  • Type
  • Damage
  • Damage Per Second
  • DPS w/ STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus)
  • Move Length (time)
  • Damage Phase Length
  • Critical Chance
  • Energy Use
  • Damage Phase Image

For example we can examine Cross Chop‘s move image. These images are auto generated for every move, so we can see how long the damage phase is in relation to the move length so we know when to “dodge” the move.




All of our moves and Pokémon have been updated with Generation II. Some helpful links have been placed below.

  1. Pokédex w/ only Generation II
  2. List of all Special Moves
  3. List of all Quick Moves
  4. Pokédex in condensed table view

Holiday loading screen

Like with the Halloween event, Niantic has given us a very festive loading screen in time for the holidays.


Limited Edition Holiday Pikachu

Starting today through December 29th 2016, 10:00AM PST, you’ll be able to find a limited edition Holiday Pikachu to add to your collection!

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