Pokémon GO Halloween 2017 Event!

It’s time for the Pokémon GO Halloween 2017 event and there are some exciting things in store for us including the release first of the Gen III Pokémon!


From: October 20 at 12:00 P.M. PDT

To: November 2 at 1:00 P.M. PDT



Halloween Pikachu

Another costumed Pikachu is coming, this one with a cute little witch hat! Make sure to catch this limited time Pikachu during the event.


Mimikyu Hat

Trainers will be able to celebrate Halloween with the all new Mimikyu hat! This is a very interesting add as Mimikyu is a Gen VII/7 Pokémon.

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Double Candy

Candy will be doubled for the following actions:

  • Catching Pokémon
  • Hatching Eggs
  • Transferring Pokémon


Earn Candy from Buddy Pokémon twice as fast

Candy earned from Buddy Pokémon will be earned twice as fast! This is down from four times as fast from the Halloween 2016 event.


Spooky Pokémon Spawns

“Spooky” Pokémon will have increased spwans, including brand new Gen III Pokémon! So far Niantic has confirmed the following “spooky” Pokémon:


Event In-Store Boxes

We will update this post as soon as the boxes are live. So far Niantic has mentioned Raid Passes and Super Incubators will be part of the event boxes.

Update (10/20/17)

The event boxes are now live!

Special Box

Great Box

Ultra Box


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