Introducing: Pokémon GO TS (Third Saturday)

Here at Fev Games, we have been collecting and analysing data from monthly Ingress First Saturday (FS) events since December 2014 and running it exclusively in collaboration with, the IngressFS community and IFS-UN since August 2015.

Ingress First Saturday was originally created by Niantic to help communities introduce new players to the game and show them the ropes, as well as a chance for both teams to come together and improve cross faction relations. In August last year, while Niantic was busy with their separation from Google, we, along with the IngressFS community, took it all into our own hands to keep the spirit of IngressFS alive and continue the events around the world. Last year we saw 24,688 Agents from 353 cities in 57 countries participating in 671 events.


We are proud to announce the introduction of Pokémon GO Third Saturday (TS)!

Pokémon GO TS will be a monthly event held on the third Saturday of each month organised by local communities in cities around the world. The aim of Pokémon GO TS is to encourage communities to come together, capture Pokémon with friends, get people out and about and find out which team rules the city!

Trainer information will be tracked in the following categories:

  • XP Earned
  • Levels Gained
  • Pokémon Captures
  • Kilometers Gained
  • Grand Final Gym Battle

Pokémon GO TS will be launching with 6 pilot cities to trial the concept during August. These cities will have some awesome prizes including FitBits, Battery Packs, Google Play vouchers and t-shirts for the winners in each category*. Then, in September, we will open up registrations to the public so cities can host their own events.

The pilot cities this month are:

Melbourne, Australia

Townsville, Australia

Ottawa, Canada

Victoria, Canada

Chicago, IL, United States

Riverside, CA, United States


So get your team together and get ready to battle at a Pokémon GO TS event near you!

Pokémon GO Third Saturday is a 100% Fev Games and community run event with no involvement or affiliation with Niantic Labs, The Pokémon Company, or Nintendo.

*Some cities may not have some of the listed prizes, see each event’s page for more details.