Razz Berry

A Razz Berry is part of the Berries family and can be used when trying to catch a Pokémon.

Razz Berry



What does a Razz Berry do?

Using a Razz Berry when trying to catch a Pokémon increases the chance of capture. This makes it easier to capture more difficult Pokémon. Combine using a Razz Berry with higher performance Poké Balls (such as the Great Ball and Ultra Ball) to increase your chances of capture even more!

[alert type=”red”]If the Pokémon breaks out of the Poké Ball, the berry is consumed and you’ll need to use another to gain its desired effect.[/alert]

[alert type=”yellow”]Only one berry can be used at a time and the effects do not stack.[/alert]

Where do I find Razz Berries?


Razz Berries are sometimes obtained when visiting PokéStops!

Level up reward

Razz Berries are sometimes given as a level up reward in bulk quantity.


Level Requirement

Trainers will not see this item until level 8. After reaching level 8, you receive some Razz Berries as a level reward and will start to see them drop from PokéStops regularly.