PokéStops are located at places of interest all around the world. Such places include, but are not limited to: Art, historical buildings, , government buildings, churches, parks, plaques, and local businesses. This data was populated from Ingress locations, though not all Ingress locations are being used. At this time, there is no method for submitting new locations.




Visit PokéStops

Visiting a PokéStop will allow you to gather items such as Poké Balls, Potions, Eggs, and Revives. To interact with a PokéStop, you’ll first need to get in range of it before it’ll become active. Once you are close enough, it’ll change shape and become active. At this point you are ready to tap on it.

poke_stop_active poke_stop_active2


Spin the Photo Disc to obtain items. Tap or swipe the items to collect them.

[alert type=”blue”]Pro tip: You can tap X and it’ll auto collect the items for you![/alert]

poke_stop_spin poke_stop_spin2


Cool down / XP

You gain 50 XP and the PokéStop will turn slightly pink indicating the 5 minute cool down you need to wait before obtaining items from that PokéStop again. The color of the PokéStop will slowly turn to blue during the cool down period, returning back to it’s normal color when it’s ready to be visited again. There is no limit to how many times you may visit a PokéStop.



Module Slot

Each PokéStop has a single Module Slot, which allows trainers to install a module and alter the state of the PokéStop. Tap the Module Slot to install a module.



Now you are ready to install a module by tapping one of your modules on the bottom of the screen. If you have none, you need to purchase them from the Shop or obtain them from a Level up kit.



Discover more about the PokéStop

Tap the Name Plate above the photo disc to see a larger photo and additional info about the stop (sometimes there is no additional info).




Gym PokéStops

Gyms are also PokéStops! When you are visiting a Gym, make sure to spin its Photo Disc for items. Leveling your Gym Badge for that gym will give you a chance at bonus items when spinning that PokéStop. Spinning a PokéStop at a friendly gym also gives a chance for bonus items as well. You are able to visit Gym PokéStops once a day to receive a free Raid Pass.

[alert type=”red”]The Pokemon GO Plus does not collect items from Gym PokéStops![/alert]