Possible New Susanna Moyer Medal?

This is a #tinhat kind of post, but hear me out. When the leaked event page for Rio was up for a short while, we were able to capture the details of the swag kits. Note the mention of the Susanna Moyer Medal Card in the descriptions for the Rare and Very Rare kits.



Alright, got your tin foil hat on? Check out the details of the Rare and Very Rare swag kits for Seattle:


What’s this 2016 business about!? If you check the other event pages, none of the other Medals read this way, except for these kits for Seattle. Maybe just #tinhat speculation, maybe something more, I suppose we’ll see as February 27th approaches.

Update (2/20/16)


Ingress posted the above image saying, “New year. New medal?”. Many questions floating about as to if this is just a brand new medal, does it re-skin the current one, does it add tiers to the current one? We just don’t know yet. We’ll update this post as we find out more details.