Power Cube Recycle Changes & Boosted Power Cubes!

Hi everyone. A breaking news style update here. We noticed early this morning, that Powercubes would recycle at different values. The table below shows the changes.

Level Old New
 1 20 XM 1,000 XM
2 40 XM 2,000 XM
3 60 XM 3,000 XM
4 80 XM 4,000 XM
5 100 XM 5,000 XM
6 120 XM 6,000 XM
7 140 XM 7,000 XM
8 160 XM 8,000 XM

As you can see the powercube recycle value matches that of its use value. Which allows you to bulk recycle them in capsules to get large XM returns. However, the more interesting part is below.

There is a new item on its way.

Boosted Power Cube

Sponsor name unknown

Sponsor: LAWSON – http://www.lawson.co.jp/index.html


The true power of this item will be revealed by the new APK release, which is probably looming closer daily. We are using server-side values to produce this information. I will provide the real values and what I inferred at all times.

I first spotted the following new values

  • boostedPowerCubeCapacityByLevel
  • extraXmTankEnergy.

So let us take those one at a time. We start off with a table of the boostedPowerCubeCapacityByLevel array

Level Cube Capacity Cube Capacity
 1 15,000 XM 18,000 XM
2 16,875 XM 20,250 XM
3 18,750 XM 22,500 XM
4 20,625 XM 24,740 XM
5 22,500 XM 27,000 XM
6 24,375 XM 29, 200 XM
7 26,250 XM 31,500 XM
8 28,125 XM 33,750 XM
 9 30,000 XM 36,000 XM
10 32,000 XM 38,400 XM
11 34,000 XM 40,800 XM
12 36,000 XM 43,200 XM
13 38,000 XM 45,600 XM
14 40,000 XM 48,000 XM
15 42,000 XM 50,400 XM
16 44,000 XM 52,800 XM

EDIT: This table was updated at 12:20pm EST 2/21, when the Cube Capacity values changed server side.

This shows us that this item has a “capacity” based on your level vs a recharge value like cubes.


Second, we have the value BOOSTED_POWER_CUBE. This is just values for recycling this item. This field exists for every other item in the game. So once a new entry shows up in this list, chances are a new item is on the horizon. So if you wanted to recycle this new item you would get 160 XM.


Finally, we have extraXmTankEnergy. This value is in the same section as energy. This means this new value sits programmatically in the same area as your current energy (xm). This is a good guess that there will be an extra tank of XM energy connected to the Boosted Power Cube.



Q. How do I get the Boosted Power Cube?
A:  No idea. I can’t tell.

Q: How does the Power Cube work?
A: No idea, that information isn’t available yet.

Q: How do you know this?
A: New items have server-side changes to help the client (phones) get information on them. When the SoftBank and MUFG was launched. This exact change happened.

Q: What is the Extra XM Tank?
A: The value is much like your current energy. How it works though, we don’t know.