Rainbow XM For Pride Month 2021

It is Pride month Agents!! Like previous years, this year Rainbow XM decorates our scanners in a splash of color across the map. This is to raise awareness and show support of the LGBTQ+ community. This year marks the 52nd year of Pride month and we wish to show our support to those in our community that are allies and a part of the LGBTQ+ community.

An official announcement has been made yet this year on the XM change. In previous years passcodes were given out to encourage Agents to build Rainbow Portals to show their support and we are hoping to see that this year as well! The Rainbow XM should stay in the scanner until the end of the month, June 30. With that said, it has been noted that there will be temporary visibility issues for the time.

Rainbow Portals for Support

Agents if you want to show your individual support, we encourage you create Rainbow Portals and post them on social media with the hashtag #PrideMonth2021 and #IngressPride ! I would also like to encourage Agents to share their stories if they so choose. I hope this month is an amazing Pride Month for everyone involved.

How to Make a Rainbow Portal

Making a rainbow portal is simple! You just need to deploy one resonator of each level on a portal!

A suggestion is to stand on the edge of the portal so that the Rainbow xm connecting the resonators to the the core of the portal is easier to see! Do not forget to screenshot and share Agents! Happy rainbow portal building and Happy 2021 Pride Month!