Recursion Prime Day 1 Anomaly Results

Last weekend saw one of the biggest changes we’ve ever seen to the XM Anomaly format. This new format could theoretically avoid the traditional single team takeovers of every city by allowing a disadvantaged team to throw all their effort into a single strategic measurement and make a comeback, Additionally, two of the challenges relied on the control of a small handful of key portals.

Unfortunately, we didn’t see any change in the traditional control of the regions, showing that the Resistance in Asia and Americas and the Enlightened in Europe didn’t work with their counterparts in other regions to formulate their strategies.

However, it is interesting to see that in almost all cities (except Mexico City and Minneapolis) that the losing team had the higher average unique hacks, which could indicate that the losing teams were outnumbered and each agent had to cover a wider area

After the first half of the Recursion Prime anomaly series, the teams are tied with six series points each.

The Resistance won the three points for the Global MU battle by generating over 6.8 billion MU during the day, compared to the Enlightened’s 486 million MU.


The Enlightened won in Taichung by 201.8 points. The Resistance scored their best portal control measurement in M1 and their longest link of 3.36 km in M4, but weren’t able to establish any periphery fields. The Enlightened scored their longest link path of 24.08 km in the first measurement and their best portal control and periphery field scores in the last measurement.


The Enlightened won in Canberra by 122.2 points. Neither team scored any fields in the first measurement, but that was followed by the Enlightened’s best score of 10 fields in M2, when they also scored their best portal control score of 361 points. The Resistance got down to business in the final hour of the day when they scored four fields in both M5 and M8, and earned 109 points in the portal battle and an almost 1 km link path, both in M6.


The Enlightened won in Bangkok by 146 points. The Resistance put all their hard work into M4 where they scored 68 points in the portal battle, held two fields and 1.18 km of links. The Enlightened scored 5.16 km of links in M1, 21 fields in M5 and 138 portal control points in M7.


The Resistance won in Brno by 73 points. The Enlightened spent the first measurement focusing solely on portal control, holding 396 points at the same time the Resistance built their 9 km link chain. The Resistance held 15 fields up for M5 and the Enlightened followed that with eight fields in M6.

Palma de Mallorca 

The Resistance won Palma de Mallorca by 66.5 points. The Enlightened started the day in the lead by 34.9 points by scoring a 2.56 km long link path in the first measurement beating the Resistance’s 2.3 km link path in the final measurement.


The Resistance won in Frankfurt by 108.6 points. The Enlightened scored their best portal control in M1 and established their longest link at 3.98 in M4.  The Resistance’s longest link was 6.09 km in M2, and while the Enlightened did score two longer links in M4 and M5, the Resistance worked hard to keep their lead. The Resistance controlled all of the portal capture measurements, scoring their highest in M8, and dominated fielding by scoring 43 fields for both M5 and M6 each.


The Enlightened won in Phoenix by 143.8 points. The Resistance scored their best portal control in M7 and their longest link was 1.71 km in M8, but the Enlightened won every measurement in each category. The Enlightened’s overall best scores were in M2, where their longest link was 4.24 km, and they established 13 fields and held 424 points worth of portals.

Mexico City 

The Enlightened won in Mexico City by 87.3 points. The Resistance fought hard in portal control, winning three of the measurements and scoring their best in M8, while the Enlightened scored their best portal control in M6 and controlled six of the measurements. In fielding, the teams were head-to-head until M4, where the Resistance scored four fields, making it one of their best measurements for fielding. However, the Enlightened took full control of each fielding measurement past M4 and scored the highest amount of fields in both M8 and M9. The Resistance pulled out their best link in M9, with a length of 2.34 km, and the Enlightened scored their longest link at 3.22 km in M3.


The Enlightened won in Minneapolis by 151.2 points. The Resistance scored their best portal control and longest link of 1.87 km in M9, while the Enlightened scored their longest link of 6.06 km in M7 and best portal control in M6. M5 was both the Resistance and Enlightened’s highest scoring in fields, with the Resistance scoring three fields and the Enlightened scoring five. The Enlightened controlled almost every measurement in each category, only tying once with the Resistance in M8 when both scored two fields each.

We hope you all enjoyed the new anomaly format and new scorecards. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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