Recursion Prime Day 2 Anomaly Results

The final anomaly day of 2018 saw both team start tied with 6 ‘Recursion Artifacts’ each. Resistance kicked things off strong in the usually Enlightened dominated APAC region by winning in Hong Kong and Yogyakarta, earning them 2 Artifacts. For the second part of the day, Enlightened won in Bucharest and Resistance won in Barcelona, keeping them in the lead by 2 points. In the USA, both teams won a city each again with Austin going to the Enlightened and Salt Lake City to the Resistance.

And finally, for the global MU battle, the Enlightened still had a chance to come back for the 3 Artifacts but were only able to increase their global MU score by 54.4% compared to the Resistance’s series winning increase of 85.8%.

Hong Kong

The Resistance won in Hong Kong by 108 points. The Enlightened scored their best portal control in M6 and their longest link of 1.6km in M7, leading into their best periphery field score of 11 in M8. The Resistance held strong in most of the portal control measurements, scoring their highest in M8, and dominated periphery field scores each measurement. Their longest link would be in M2 at 4.96km.


The Resistance won in Yogyakarta by 60.6 points. The Enlightened scored the largest amount of periphery fielding in M3 for the day. Their best portal control was in M5 and their longest link of 1.25km was scored in M8. However, the Resistance controlled all of the measurements in both linking and portal control. Their longest link was 6.38km in M3.


This one was a close one with the Resistance winning Barcelona by 0.16 points. The Enlightened would score their best in fielding early on in M2 and continue to score their best for fielding in M3. At M4, the Enlightened would score their longest link of 3.36km. The Resistance scored their longest link of 5.80km in M2 and their best fielding in M6. Their best score in portal control was in the last measure which certainly helped them in such a close win.  


The Enlightened won in Bucharest by 117.6 points. The Resistance scored their longest link of 2.16km early on in M1 and followed it up with their best score of portal control in M2. But the Enlightened fought hard, beating Resistance in almost every measurement in each category. In both fielding and link, their best scores were in M6, while M9 was their best portal control measure.


The Enlightened won in Austin by 151.3 points. The Resistance gained their best portal control in M1, followed by their best periphery fielding in M4 and their longest link of 1.59km in M9. The Enlightened gained their best link length of 3.70km in M2, followed by there best periphery fielding in M3.

Strangely, the details of regular vs volatile portal ownership is missing for Measurement 8 in Austin and Salt Lake City. We’ve reached out to Niantic for more information on what happened and we’ll update this post when we find out.

Salt Lake City

The Resistance won in Salt Lake City by 91.7 points. The Enlightened scored their best portal control in M1 and their best periphery fielding in M5 but the Resistance refused to let them score anything in the longest link path. The Resistance scored their best periphery fielding and their longest link of 4.08km in M3 and spent M7 gaining their best score in portal control.

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