Reference for Ingress

Produced in association with Fev Games, Reference for Ingress is a handy Chrome extension for keeping Ingress tools and references at your fingertips!

Here’s a look at all the tools it provides:

Portal Calculator

Build a portal and see full statistics about it. Simply move the sliders to set the resonator level for each slot, or quickly set up the strongest portal that a single agent can build by clicking the button for the agent’s level under “Agent max builds.” Then set your mods and the number of links and fields attached to the portal. As you make changes, the full rundown of the portal’s statistics is updated in real time.

Attack Simulator

After you’ve built a portal in the portal calculator, move over to the attack simulator and see how much damage its resonators will incur from any burst weapon. Drag the resonators to any position along their slot axis to set up any scenario. As you move the mouse, the display is updated in real time to show damage numbers for a weapon fired from that position.

Link and Recharge Calculator

Drop two pins (or paste coordinates or intel map links) to describe a link and get a list of appropriate builds for the origin portal. You can also get calculations for recharge efficiency and XM waste over that distance.

Glyph Dictionary

Look up a glyph just by drawing it…

…or by selecting it from a list. (As you can see, you can optionally include April Fools’ Day glyphs!)

Click a glyph in the list to see a list of the sequences containing that glyph.

Glyph Hacking Simulator

Practice your glyph hacking by selecting a portal level and trying a random glyph sequence. Or look up a particular glyph sequence as above, then click that sequence to practice hacking it.

Septicycle Calendar

See when the next checkpoint and end of the septicycle will occur. Browse a calendar showing checkpoints and septicycles for all time. Times can be displayed in 12- or 24-hour time and will properly handle time zones with partial hour offsets from UTC.


Quick access to reference information, including level requirements, XM costs and AP rewards for various actions, field kit contents, medal requirements, portal and weapon stats by level, and useful links.

Checkpoint Notification

Keep tabs on when the next checkpoint will occur. You can optionally display a badge on the extension icon which will show the time to the next checkpoint. The badge color gradually turns from green to red as the checkpoint nears. You can also optionally set up Reference for Ingress to notify you of an impending checkpoint. You set how many minutes before the checkpoint that you’d like to be warned, and a notification will pop up at that time, providing a handy link to the intel map.

We hope you enjoy this tool and would love to hear your feedback on it!