Resonate the World Weekend Event

Hello Agents! Niantic has announced the Resonate the World event on their Ingress forums today that will take place this weekend. This event begins Friday, March 12th 17:00 UTC and will last until Monday, March 15th 17:00 UTC. We’re also collecting stats to keep track of the progress below.

It seems the desire to have a competitive event has been heard, as this event will be one where the factions will compete to unlock a special Kinetic Capsule Program! The Faction that deploys the higher number of Resonators during this event will unlock a virus Program, something that has been desired by Agents.  Details of the event are;

  • Victory by the Enlightened will unlock the ADA Program, and victory by the Resistance will unlock the Jarvis Program.
  • Both Factions will be able to use the unlocked Program.
  • Upgrading existing Resonators will not be counted.
  • Progress of Resonators deployed by each Faction will be updated once per day on the News Feed.

Please note, this event will not have a Medal nor a new personal Agent Stat added to the Scanner. 

The following bonuses are detected to be enabled during the event as well:

  • Double deploy of Level 8 Resonators
  • 2X hack rate of Resonators
  • 3X AP for deploying the 8th Resonator on a Portal

Like every event, the NIA will be adding two bundles into the scanner to encourage Agents involvement. These will be available for the duration of the event:

  • Mini Builder Bundle (2500 CMU): 10x L1 Resonators, 10x L2 Resonators, 8x L3 Resonators, 8x L4 Resonators, 5x L5 Resonators, and 5x L6 Resonators (46 total)
  • 30 Resonator Pack (2500 CMU): 30x L8 Resonators

As always Agents, please follow your local health and safety guidelines when participating in this event!

Stat Tracking

Do you want to help your team and share the work you put into this event? Submit your stats in the form below.

This isn’t an official count for the event, it’s just a little fun tracker to show some of the teamwork done in this event.

The below list only reflects agents that have submitted their stats in the above form and does not reflect the actual results of the event.

The list updates every 10 minutes.