Resources – First look

Welcome to an exclusive Fev Games first look.
Today we are going to talk about a game that, unfortunately is not in english (yet!).
It is a unique ARG, called “Resources”, and is an economy driven game about mining, trading and building.


What we did, and what you can do (every section has its own page in the game, that is symbolized by the followed image):

Walk and gather items

While walking you can find items that you can gather from the ground, usually crates.

Those crates contain items you can’t get from mines, and that are usually necessary for upgrading buildings. You can of course sell them too.


Naturally, you can and must mine, to get resources required to manufacture items.

To build a mine you have walk around, like you do with ingress, and tap the “Scan location” button. This will show if there is a possible mine in your position, and show the material density around you. If there is the possibility to build a mine in your position, you have to decide if it is worth it: every mine has a quality, and a maintenance cost. If the expected quality (that may differ from the real quality after the build) is below 30%, this mine will probably cost more than it can produce. From our experience we can say that the real quality is never below the expected quality.


Manage your storage
Every material/product uses specific storage space, and storage is limited.

You can increase this limit by paying to increase the capacity per level.
Never run out of space for mining materials, as surplus material will go to waste!


Sale items/materials
You can naturally sell everything you have, and you will probably need to, to have $ to mine/repair mines.


Build things from base resources
You can build things from mined resources using factories (that you need to buy beforehand).

This is useful to do, as for example I can create “steel” from “Iron ore” and sell it at more than the base resource price. To use those factories you have to buy them first, and to buy them you must have the necessary materials. Also manufactured items can be combined in other factories to produce other items.


Buy/Upgrade special buildings
There are special buildings that are different from the others, for example:

  • Tech center (increases scan precision and range)
  • Casino (you can win or lose money with gambling)
  • Museum (increases the chance of finding more items in crates)
  • Training camp (allows the hiring of security forces)
  • And many other buildings we haven’t mentioned


Manage your mines
You have a page where you can manage all your mines: repair, destroy and upgrade them.

Very useful to remove all useless mines that cost too much.


Buy/Sell in the black market
This is a function I discovered only recently,  and i’m loving it. In this market you can request goods, and decide how much you want to pay for them vs market value. (At more than the real market price, you can decide the percentage). Or you can sell materials/items (always at more than the market price) depending on what other player have buy requests out for. I found it very useful when I needed money: I had some steel, that people was requesting at 1200% its market value. I didn’t have much, but 12M$ is not bad.


Level up

Yes, you can level up!

You get XP by building or upgrading mines, factories special buildings, and leveling up you get the possibility to build more mines types and unlock new buildings.


Many other things!

We couldn’t try the PvP feature, because the game is not popular in our game areas (for now!).

From what we understood, you can recruit guards and put them in the mines to defend them, but we couldn’t try attacking one. There are many many other features in the game, too many for a first look article. Look for more focused articles/guides in the near future if you the players are interested in this game as we are.


We have been playing it for some days now, and have had much much fun, we did encountered a couple of bugs (not a big deal), and we definitely suggest to at least give it a try. If you are not familiar with the German language (Deutsch), you will need to wait a couple of weeks as the English version that is in the works to be released. You can get in contact with us ingame with our nicknames in the chat (adding someone in the contacts list you can trade with him, if he is at least L14).

@Roby65 – Roberto
@USA – Dean
@Fev – Fevenis


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