Second Sunday Medal

Niantic has introduced their new Second Sunday Medal!

Second Sunday started as monthly Sunday Mission events in July, 2021. These events were used to encourage Agent exploration through Niantic and Agent-made missions that would have to be done during Second Sunday to count towards the Mission Day medal tiers.  As stated in the first announcement of these events, there was no intention of having them replace Mission Day, so it would soon become its own type of event. With that in mind, Niantic has come out with this new tiered medal to represent these Second Sunday events that will separate them……….. from the Mission Day Medal. Along with the medal, Niantic has also stated there may be more variations of these events later this year! We look forward to seeing what these variations will be! What type of variations would you want to see Agents? Share it on the Ingress forums!


Second Sunday Medal Tiers


Agents, if  you choose to participate in these Second Sunday events, please follow your areas local health and safety guidelines!


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