Second Sunday Mission Events

Mission events are coming back Agents, but this time it is a little bit different! Niantic has announced Second Sunday events spanning from July to September 2021, to encourage exploration through missions. These three months will be used to judge the communities activity and interest in these events to determine if Second Sunday will become a permanent event.

Event Details

The event details for July are different than for August and September. Please take the time to read the differences to avoid any confusion.

July Second Sunday

This Event will run from Friday, July 9th at 4pm UTC, to Monday, July 12th at 4pm UTC.

This event you will be able to do anywhere that has ingress missions. This is the ONLY event where you will be able to increase your Mission Day Medal by 1 by completely ANY 6 missions. Further information can be found below in the quoted FAQs.

August & September Second Sundays

These events will take place on Sunday, August 8th, and Sunday, September 12th in LOCAL time, from 12am to 11:59pm.  Unlike the July event though, these events require you complete designated Official Mission Day Missions under the official Niantic accounts to increase your Mission Day Medal count by 1.

Official Mission Day Missions are created by the following Niantic accounts:

  • MissionByNia
  • MissionsByNIA
  • MissionDaysNia
  • MissionsNIA
  • MDNia2
  • MDNA 2020

To note, you can check your local area for NIA made mission by clicking the NIA tab in your in scanner mission sorter!


These FAQs have been taken directly from the forums post and will be edited if needed.

Will Missions that I’ve completed in the past be counted for this event?

Yes, you can do previously completed Missions and it will be eligible for the medal increment.

Will completing 12 unique Missions on the same day give me 2 increments on the Mission Day medal?

No, you will only earn 1 increment of the Mission Day medal per event even if you’ve completed 12 Missions.

How do I find official Missions created by the Niantic accounts?

On your Ingress Scanner, tap the circle Menu button > Missions > All > NIA. Note that you must be in near proximity of the Mission for it to display.

What will happen to Mission Days?

Second Sunday is not a replacement of Mission Day and was created in mind to make Missions more approachable without the need to travel. We look forward to having Mission Days again when we all feel confident in exploring in a safe and healthy environment.

How can I submit an application for a Mission Day in my city?

Mission Day applications are currently closed while we coordinate to prioritize the applicants from 2020 which have been put on hold due to the pandemic.

Agents I hope that you all get to participate in these events! Please make sure to follow your local areas health and safety guidelines if you choose to participate. I hope to see you out there, but if I don’t, have a wonderful Second Sunday!