September NIA Field Test: Hexathlon

We are a week away from the new Ingress event NIA Field Test Hexathlon and even Nemesis is talking about it. If you haven’t heard about these events they will be taking place worldwide on Saturday September 14, 2019 in specific locations.

  • Ames, IA, USA
  • Aurora, CO, USA
  • Birmingham, AL, USA
  • Caguas, Puerto Rico
  • Curitiba – State of Paraná, Brazil
  • Córdoba, Cordoba, Argentina
  • Fortaleza – State of Ceará, Brazil
  • Hamilton, ON, Canada
  • La Paz, Bolivia
  • Lince, Peru
  • Providence, RI, USA
  • Puebla, Mexico
  • Redmond, WA, USA
  • Santa Clara, CA, USA
  • St. Petersburg, FL, USA
  • Aizu Wakamatsu, Fukushima, Japan
  • Akita city, Akita, Japan
  • Fukui city, Fukui, Japan
  • Gwangyang-si, Jeollanam-do, South Korea
  • Kameyama city, Mie, Japan
  • Kolkata, West Bengal, India
  • Kuala Selangor, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Kumamoto city, Kumamoto, Japan
  • Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
  • Macao
  • Makassar City, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
  • Margao, Goa, India
  • Maroochydore Queensland, Australia
  • Pape’ete, French Polynesia
  • Taipei, Taiwan
  • Bydgoszcz, Poland
  • Cádiz, Spain
  • Grammichele, Italy
  • Ipswich, UK
  • Irkutsk, Russia
  • İzmir, Turkey
  • Lelystad, Netherlands
  • Lorient, France
  • Novosibirsk, Russia
  • Oulu, Finland
  • Pécs, Hungary
  • Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
  • Stuttgart, Germany
  • Tartu, Estonia
  • Voronezh, Russia


What is a Field Test? 

Field tests are an opportunity for agents to test out new potential interactions within the scanner individually. It is expected that not everything will go as functioned so anyone that signs up for the events needs to understand there is the potential for some things to go wrong. Agents that sign up and finish all the tasks given to them will receive an in-app medal commemorating the event.


What to expect with Field Test Hexathlon 

As stated in the event description, Hexathlon will have a total of 6 challenges for agents to complete individually. Agents will be required to hack the check-in portal within 30 mins of its activation to receive their instructions and will have 90 mins to complete their challenges. These are individual challenges, not faction-based, implying that agents will not need to build teams to finish these tasks and there will be No Faction POCs for the events. Another hint was given yesterday during the Jarvis live-stream that there may possibly be artifacts dropped during these events, though it’s unclear how they will be presented to agents.


How to sign up

If you are interested in this event Niantic has announced you can sign up through your Prime scanner (2.30.2 or higher) with the events tab before September 12th at 23:59 UTC. Registration before the event is required so you will not be able to just show up at the event and sign up on spot. You should get an email after signing up to confirm your attendance for the specific event. For more details on how to sign up for event and others you can look at Niantics support page. Or follow the steps below!


Which portal do you Check in at?

You can find the Check-In for your event in Niantics Event Description.


Hexathlon Schedule

All sites will be run in local time, using the following schedule:

  • 2019-09-14 14:30: Check-in portal active
  • 2019-09-14 15:00: Check-in portal inactive
  • 2019-09-14 15:15: Hexathlon starts
  • 2019-09-14 16:45: Hexathlon ends
  • Afterwards: up to your local community!


Word of Warning

As stated before Nemesis has spoken up against these events. Nemesis member Helvetica intercepted yesterdays live-stream broadcast with Jarvis and Martin to give us this warning.

“I am Helvetica. We are Nemesis. We are not the enemy. I will not lie to you. We are protecting your safety. Our request is simple. Do not aid the NIA in the Field test. This is for your own good. One word of warning. If you should harvest an artifact, do not keep it in your inventory. Drop it, immediately. We are Nemesis. I am Helvetica. You can trust me.”

It seems that Nemesis feels these tests could harm agents or maybe the tests are aimed to stop them in some way. Either way agents, it your choice on whether or not you participate in this event.



 All the details on this program, including the featured image we used, are property of Niantics.