Anomaly Report for Shonin 1 & 2

The first anomaly series of the year kicked off with a bang with a shake up of the rules increasing the value of almost all scoring categories.

Round one was a very tight battle with the Resistance winning by only 3 points. While the Resistance didn’t make as many points in the strategic fields as the Enlightened did, they made it up in connected fields and links. Unfortunately, due to safety concerns, the anomaly in Alexandria, Egypt was canceled.


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In this series, 10 connected cells are measured during a 5 hour period around the same time as the anomaly. Both sides won 5 cells each with the biggest win going to the Resistance in AF07-ROMEO-12 earning more than 8 times the MU they started with.cells

For round two, the battle wasn’t as tight. The Enlightened held up strategic fields for 11 of the 16 measurements worth almost as much as all of the Resistance’s points for the round.

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Round two of connected cells saw the Resistance win 6 of them with the biggest win going to the Enlightened in AM02-HOTEL-15 establishing more than 13 times their starting MU.



Fev Games would also like to join in giving support to the Egyptian agents who lost their anomaly due to safety concerns. Original post here.

Agents jailed:

@DomainSilver @Shehab912 @quantemero @Neotroid @Adriano611

@AmrRagaa @ZRover @MiM0 @3ashek @ASharkawy @Seso919

@Shamy @Ahady @darkovesky

Rest of the Team:

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@BioSmurf @Badralaa @Meko @Metwally @Abdelshahid

@mido7422 @ZaBaDo0o @AhmedHady @azaizi @AnToZ

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