Shōnin Anomaly Finale

390,974 km, 39,126 points, 4,987 portals, 884 links, 315 fields, 50 cells, 31 shards, 20 cities, 5 anomalies, the Resistance has won the Shōnin anomaly series.

Round one was very close with the Resistance winning by only 3 points but the Enlightened finished the first weekend of the series on top by winning round two by 696 points. In round three, the Enlightened increased their lead further but in round four, the Resistance won by enough that the Enlightened win in round 5 wasn’t enough for them to catch up.


The Resistance won 29 of the 50 connected cells making 24,529,873 MU compared to the Enlightened’s 2,705,115 MU.

All Cells


Shonin 01 & 02

A full recap of the first two rounds can be found in their original post


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Shonin 03

Intel was down for the duration of this anomaly which would have made it a lot more difficult for strategic field operations and connected cells. The Enlightened’s massive win in Kyoto offset the Resistance’s win in all three of the other cities. When the field over Kyoto came down, the Enlightened managed to record the best scoring measurement for the entire series with 2,402 points showing that a field doesn’t always help for the dominant team.

S3 Cities

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Shonin 04

The Resistance’s domination in Hannover pretty much sealed them the win for the rest of the series with over a thousand points earned in each of volatiles, connected links and fields. The Resistance’s total connected fields alone was worth more than the Enlightened’s score for the round.

S4 Cities

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Shonin 05

The Enlightened won 3 of the cities in the final round but not by enough points to overcome the Resistance’s lead.

S5 Cities

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Stay tuned for a recap of all the Shard stories.