Shonin Shard Recap

31 shards traveled 390,974 km over 23 days leaving a trail of burnt VRLAs and sleepless agents. Over the past week, we covered many stories and recaps of the shard’s journeys collecting 36 reports.

The most popular shard is #24 which started with a long hard battle in Perth before being shipped to Canada by the Resistance, then stolen by the Enlightened and sent to Rotterdam where it was stolen again by the Resistance and sent to Faroe Island where it was laid to rest

The second most popular shard, #20 aka Meercat spawned in Melbourne and was swiftly sent to the Zoo where it attended a Village People concert before the Resistance took it to New Zealand then to the US where it was so fiercely fought over in Salt Lake City for days on end that it didn’t move any further.

Shard #18, aka Toddles, began in Miami where the Enlightened sent it to the Dominican Republic followed by the Resistance sending it back, up east coast of the US all the way to the target.

And who could forget the Deep Fried Chicken Shard?! Shard #11 spent half its life in Japan and some of that time in front of ONINO KARAAGE where a lot of agents enjoyed some decent KARAAGE!

Check out the rest of the many amazing reports below:

Update 1

Shard #20, #24 – Recap: Aus Shard Update
Shard #22, #18, #9 – Recap: Dominican Shardnomaly
Shard #13 – Recap: The Turk
Shard #11 – Recap: Fried chicken shard
Shard #19 – Recap: God of poverty

Shard #4 – Story (Enl): The story of Felicia
Shard #31 – Story (Res): Bob

Update 2

Shard #03 – Recap: Forget Attack, See Distant Harmony
Shard #05 – Recap: First found #5, then #5 fought, now #5 lost
Shard #21 – Recap: White Mountain

Shard #15, #23 – Story (Res): Thelma & Louise
Shard #27 – Story (Res): The tragic journey of #27
Shard #20 – Story (Enl): Shard Shenanigans
Shard #20 – Story (Res): Moving Meercat aka David McShard from Hawaii to Nevada

Update 3

Statistics Update
Shards #1, 14, 17, 19, 29, 30 – Recap: Shards on the Run
Shard #7 – Story (Enl): Shard #7 Ireland Sitrep

Update 4

Statistics Update
Shards #9, 15, 18, 23  – Recap: Resistance place their 4th shard
Shards #6, 8 – Story (Res): A Game of Shards: A yoink of shart from Orks

Update 5

Shards #05, 16 – Recap: Shards 5 and 16 from the Island of Dr NO
Shard #02 – Recap: Shard two – code name “Juan” – Hitchhiking through Peru?
Shards #29, 17 – Recap: Shard Update

Shards #24, 28 – Story (Enl): Getting #24 from Vadsø to Risør
Shards #24, 28 – Story (Res): Thanks for the artifacts!

Shard #24 – Recap: Most Traveled Shard, #24 has a new record

Update 6

Statistics Update
Shards #4, 11, 12, 14, 20, 24, 25, 28, 30, 31 – Recap: Countdown to the final shard deliveries
Shard #2 – Recap: Juan
Shard #7 – Recap: Cosmic Ping Pong

Shard #18 – Story (Res): The Saga of Toodles

Update 7

Statistics Update

Enlightened Shard Target: Rotterdam – Analysis: Is it really greener on the other side?

Shards #5, 16 – Story (Res): Operation Long trip from Côn Sơn to Shikinejima to Hawaii
Shard #11 – Story (Res): OPERATION #11 KARAAGE(deep-fried chicken) DELIVERY

Update 8

Statistics Update
Shards #1, 4, 6, 7, 9, 13, 15, 17, 18, 20, 23, 24, 28 & 29  – Recap: Resistance Ascendant
Shard #2 – Story (Res): Operation Shard in SLA – Brazil

Update 9

Statistics Update
Shard #31 – Recap: Bob
Shard #2 – Story (Res): Operation Extract
Shards #12, 25, 31 – Story (Res): Operation Cat Toy

The most travelled shard, #24 moved over 31,756 km, the least travelled shard, #27 only moved 2,552 km. The shard that finished furthest from the Enlightened target was #11 at 11,24 km away (#16 is only 4km closer). The shard that finished furthest from the Resistance target was #26 at 14,432 km away. The shard with the longest jump is #4 by the Enlightened with a link 6880.14 km long. The shard with the shortest jump was #18 by the Resistance with a link 5.43 m long. The most moved shard is #3 with 92 jumps (out of 93 possible jumps). The least moved jump is #23 with 24 jumps.

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Disclaimer: these stats may not include data during the 3 jumps that were affected by the intel blackout.

Charts created by Robert Walker.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their stories and wrote the recaps, the updates wouldn’t have happened without you all. A special thanks to Thomas for his objectively written frequent updates and covering almost all of the shards.

Thanks to Thrakazog for the Shard tracking map and Marwan Sbitani for collecting the data for the map which was an invaluable resource to us and many agents.