Shonin Shards Update #8

In a matter of hours, the First of the final 3 anomalies will begin but there is still time to get the remaining shards home. In today’s update, we have a recap of 14 of the shards as well as the rest of the story of Juan (#2). We’ve also got our stats update and Progress Graph as seen on the Ingress Report!

Statistics Report
Shards #1, 4, 6, 7, 9, 13, 15, 17, 18, 20, 23, 24, 28 & 29  – Recap: Resistance Ascendant
Shard #2 – Story (Res): Operation Shard in SLA – Brazil

Statistics Update

As of 28/03 12:01 UTC the shards have completed equivalent to their 9th lap around the equator clocking up  366,691 km. The Resistance have 3 shards within Rare link amp range of their target and the Enlightened have 9 within Rare Link Amp range.

It’s interesting to see that the 3 shards that made it to the Resistance were a lot further away than a lot of other shards to the target. There are now 14 shards closer to the Enlightened goal and 10 closer to the Resistance goal.


Shards #1, 4, 6, 7, 9, 13, 15, 17, 18, 20, 23, 24, 28 & 29  – Recap

By Thomas Sounness

Resistance Ascendant

Resistance Cluster – #7, #9, #15, #17, #18, #23 & #29

The resistance continue their strong showing on the field of Ingress play by placing more shards at their destination. Now 7 have been docked, and this gives a significant advantage for the team in the upcoming round of events at various locations around the world. The performance here is one of long standing cooperation, persistence and coordination among far flung members.  I know that there has not been easy passage through to the Washington monument, but this has still been successful..

Some highlights – Shards #17 & #29 were in the mid-Atlantic 36 hours ago under the fairly well managed control of the Enlightened. These shards bounced from Beunos Aeries in Argentina, to Brazil, to Portugal to the Azores by the Enlightened and were returned to the Portugal mainland Portugal by the resistance TWICE before being flung from Póvoa de Varzim (a city in Northern Portugal) all the way across the Atlantic – a jump of over 5000 km, to the coastal town of Rehboth where the 1hr jumps played a big role in the shards being taken quickly from Portugal to the Washington monument.

Shard #7 joined shard #17 & #29 at the Azores islands from Ireland – this shard was originally taken from the North American shores by the Enlightened faction some days beforehand.  It was delivered with shard #17 to the Washington Monument as well.

Credit to the resistance for taking the shards that were well contained by the Enlightened on distant islands in the Atlantic and navigating their passage safely to the monument – an achievement by all involved. I cant wait to read the detail of the work done by the Resistance in taking control of the shard from the Enlightened and then the Enlightened taking control back, before it being wrested back finally by the Resistance.

r1Shard #1 –  this shard took a very close passage to the Enlightened portal but was directed away to the north west coast of France. This has resulted in the shard being taken further and further from the Docking Stones. Recently the Enlightened have been taking responsibility for the shard, and having taken it inland to the north of Paris, it has been well contained in a dense part of France. Many jumps without much movement towards or away from either side’s destination suggests this shard is struggling to maintain any momentum.  At the time of writing the shard was at the portal named “Portail de Breteuil” where a cluster of blocking links around it are preventing clear passage anywhere.

r2Shard #4 – “Felecia” remains in Paris, having done quite a lap around the city of romance. I don’t know if any agents have found romance, I think they have found fatigue and short tempers. Some jumps are by the Enlightened and some are by the Resistance, but the shard seems to be no closer to escape to either destination right now.
Shards #6, #24 (the shard known as Tony as it formerly came from Perth, Australia) and #28 are all on the Faro Islands to the north of the Atlantic between Scotland and Iceland. This appears to be a holding place for the Resistance with the shards being in the northern part of the Islands away from the places where the Enlightened have much control.  Watch this space for the return of the shards to the Resistance – Iceland is a strong launch pad for delivery into North America.

Shard #13 – Turk – having navigated around the world, this shard is seemingly locked in a nest of protective blue on the Island of Iceland. Shard jumps here have predominantly been small and under the responsibility of the Resistance.

r4And finally in this very quick recap of a few of the shards, I turn to Shard #20 – This shard remains lost in Salt Lake City – the screencapture shows that the shard remains in the local University.  There may not be any other outcome of this shard during the game.  A stalemate is a result and this may indeed be the only result available for this shard.



02Shard #2 – Story (Res)

By Johnny Kamigashima

Operation Shard in SLA – Brazil

While Juan #2 was taking a walk around the campus of Plug Minas,  agents @CryinIsFree, @CrawlingCE, @Skyshroud, @Ceaga, @DavidYahoO, @V1ny, @AlexLB, @papel and @Jackley planned the Operation Shard in São Luiz.

The general idea was to check which were the best keys and who was going to clear the path out. In the meantime the Enlightened crossed various links around the Plug to avoid the Shard’s escape. The big question was “Why aren’t the Enlightened doing any moves?” they probably had some secret weapon hidden.

After the Hangouts meeting, the only worthy key available had only one copy from when one of the agents visited the town by plane and brought the key from the airport. The portal at the Plug was Level 8 at the moment and could be linked to, IF it maintained that level and added 4 RLA mods. If the portal fell all hope was lost since there weren’t many agents available to level up the portal. Neither a second plan, with only one key it was a one shot risk.

Agent @DavidYahoO performed the important task of going up 30 km north to break those links in the correct time, for that he had a head start of one and half hours for a 20 minutes trip. However he found a nice bakery and decided to stop for a breakfast, then fill the gas tank, stopped for some physical necessities and then he forgot he had to take his kid to school. Agents on the intel channel started to get desperate because if the two links didn’t fall before 9AM it wasn’t possible to send the shard. But he finally made it, 5 minutes from the jump time!

At 8:55AM agents @Ceaga and @CryingIsFree completed a successful link connection from Escultura na Árvore with four RLA to São Luiz Airport roughly 1933 km.


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