Shonin Shard Update #9

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The Ingress Intel page was facing intermittent issues before the Kyoto Shonin Anomaly and as the event started, the page was taken down for the duration of the event to ensure there wouldn’t be any interruptions for the scanners at the events. This left operators blind for about 4 hours. Nonetheless, the shards carry on.

In today’s update: the shards have broken a new record, a recap on Bob, the extraction of Juan and Operation Cat Toy.

Statistics Update
Shard #31 – Recap: Bob
Shard #2 – Story (Res): Operation Extract
Shards #12, 25, 31 – Story (Res): Operation Cat Toy

Statistics Update

The shards have finally traveled beyond the distance from earth to the moon with a combined  390,580.97 km travelled so far as of 15:00 UTC.

With less than a dozen jumps remaining, the Enlightened have 8 shards within Rare Link Amp range of the target while all the remaining shards are beyond that range for the Resistance.




Shard #31 – Recap (Res)

By Thomas Sounness


Shard 31 was the latest of the shards to arrive at the Washington Monument in the shard docking stakes. I have to say, it was a performance that dominated the score line. Shard 31 did most of it’s wandering around the Great Lakes of North America – seemingly on an obsessive exploration of the glacial shield areas of that vast plain. However, at the end of this wandering, a delivery of 170km was sufficient for the shard to be scored for the Resistance score line.



2Shard #2 – Story

By Johnny Kamigashima

Operation Extract

Shard #2 Juan had been stolen from the ENL at Mariana, MG and then carried to Belo Horizonte in the hands of the Resistance. It has been kept for a day at the Church then moved to the campus of Plug Minas. Since there is a few portals inside the campus, the shard kept travelling from portal to portal before it was shipped to São Luiz – Maranhão to the International Airport. After that, the shard bounced to the far away city of Bragança then back to Maranhão airport. It bounced again inside the city then to another random portal.

The shard was then Successfully sent from Aeroporto De São Luiz to Senhora do Perpétuo Socorro without any delays or problems by the agents @Jackley and @Jotac. The next step is sending the shard do USA however there are not many keys from the US. From one possible coast in the USA, the Resistance agents refused to receive the shard and to the other coast the path was blocked by links and fields from smaller countries between.

Being refused wasn’t expected by our agents in São Luis so a new plan had to be traced and four agents were sent to destroy new blocks that the ENL had created. @Iratan went to Viçosa in the middle of the night, during a heavy storm and fog to break one barrier.

Agent @papel and @priamorzinho went to Altos but data signal there is almost null (in fact mobile internet in Brasil as whole is horrible). He tried to use the prefecture Wifi but it was also bad, so he woke the whole neighborhood until he found local agent @heloin to share his internet connection and broke the barrier link with jarvis virus.

In the meantime, agent @CrawlingCE created a block link from Itapipoca to Canoa. But the rules says the shard would not travel back to the same portal in less than 24 hours and the only portal that could conclude Plan B was still on cooldown, so the agents had to wait until it was again able to receive the shard. Hopes were high and stress was too. Our Enlightened friends didn’t show up for some time but when they did, they kept launching random links everywhere that would’ve ruined the operation if it took too long to clear.

But before the 24 hour interval it had jumped to a random new L2 portal and agents from the area had to scurry to the portal and level up to be able to move it on to the correct route again and another L8 agent was needed for that. Miraculously there was actually an agent on vacation in town, but his hotel wifi was horribly bad and he didn’t have roaming on so no one could contact him and people started to lose faith in the operation.

Aside from that, the new route would require extra VRLAs and the agents could not retrieve that mod since there is no other way to get a VRLA other than asking for our fellow agents from other countries to send passcodes.

2bAgents from the resistance Brazil started to give up on the project and some left the chat, but there was still a tiny bit of hope because we are the Resistance we shall never give up!

Finally near midnight agent @jackley from São Luis was able to send the Shard back to the airport and other agents headed east to prepare the path for the shard jump, but his time the NIA Server went down and the Intel site broke. Without being able to see the operation, intel agents started to lose their patience and only field agents were able to see what was happening.

Field agent @Nickmason from Rio Grande do Norte gave the last key to Azores to the agents @GurkhaCL, @alfadur and @Vladmirdank who were waiting at the portal in Touros, esquina do Brasil which is located at Rio Grande do Norte and received the link from São Luiz, 1400km far. That trip also earned @GurkhaCL a ban from the bedroom, he is now doomed to the couch for at least two months.

Finally at the last second, some agents outside Brazil were able to find two VRLA and gave them to the field agents. Still blindfolded by the lack of intel, they linked Touros to Azores Island using the two VRLA sending Juan #2 safely home.

Without Intel to scan for the shard the agents recorded a small video depicting the leave of Juan #2

Juan is a step closer to home

2015-03-27Shards #12, 25, 31 – Story (Res)

By Chris Pugrud

Operation Cat Toy

Several days ago shards 12, 25, 31 sat in control of the Enlightened. Several days ago the ENL had thwarted the movement of the shards from Mid State Trail Marker (MST) to WV.  For several days the shards wandered, for several days the RES stewed over how, and when, to bring the shards home.

While the RES stewed, the shards enjoyed a colorful and very enlightened view above the Penn State campus, enjoying the view from Mt. Nittany and surveying the territory beyond. While the RES stewed, pretty much everybody was busy with life, and family, and work.  The RES stewed enough.

On Friday morning there was no plan, there was only determination.  Thursday night the shards had finally been directed to a safe haven in a closed park and persistent Resistance farm. Most thought it was a closed park. At least one ENL made it close enough to JARVIS the resistance portals and disrupt the shards, or at least they had hoped.

Despite the disruption, the farm held and the morning discovered a large contingent of Resistance agents on hand to help guide the shards to their determined home.  @LordDeathStrike sounded the horns call and motivated agents far and wide to come, to help, and move the shards to home.

Fierce battles were fought, resistance, and enlightened were shaken.  In the end, all three shards were reunited from the portal they had been disrupted, MST.  Again, once more, the Mid State Trail held the key, the goal, for one team to score again.

Several hours earlier the agents @cbyter, @THunden, @Alicein1derland had rallied to the call and started moving towards the shards. The agents had previously identified Breezewood, PA as a good interim location.  After farming keys and obtaining food, the team moved towards central PA to meet agents and obtain keys. At Altoona, PA, the team found the sustenance required and made great time returning to Breezewood (without, as may be noted, potentially violating any man made proscriptions upon the maximum velocity for which a mechanical vehicle may be permitted, legally, to transverse within a proscribed period of time, bound by the limitations of legal requirements, per se).

2015-03-28Post haste. Ass may have been hauled.

Upon arrival in Breezeweeod links were thrown and discussions abated.  Possibly argued. All caution was discarded, the team proceeded.

Only one conclusion may be made with certainty, that is that the team of rogue agents with absolute possession of the shards did not determine the next jump portal with the use of dice, randomness, or the throwing of darts. With the finest rules of adapt, improvise, and overcome, did Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children (USMC) find a path suitable to the task at hand.

It may not be possibly discussed, in polite company, the possibility that the team might have at that time just have absconded with the shards and gone on holiday or tucked them under their skirt (kilt).

Three jumps later the shards might have visited the Pennsylvania Welcome Center, Falling Waters, or Boteler’s Ford on the way to Ball’s Bluff Overlook, Virginia. It’s highly doubtful and certainly in violation of multiple state custody laws to confirm nor deny ones presence at any of the above.

So round about, or so, 1900EDT (2300UTC) the shards most certainly arrived at Ball’s Bluff Overlook, possibly the 14th most beautiful spot in the state of Virginia a shard should visit. At 2000EDT the shards, with tremendous help from teams throughout VA, DC, and MD found their home at the Washington Monument