Solstice Recharge Challenge

It is summer Agents! At least for those of us in the northern hemisphere and the NIA has detected a change in our portal network!

Event Details

The flow of XM in the Portal Network seems to be a bit more vigorous than before, causing a slighting increased portal decay. NIA have determined this is only a temporary change and with the help of Agents, it can be stabilized by putting XM back into the portal network via recharging portals! So Agents, we need your help! The expected event will be happening from Now to Tuesday, June 21st, 16:00 UTC. The following changes will be seen in the scanner for the duration of this event.

  • AP for capturing a Portal increased to 2,000 up from 800
  • 2x Power Cube output from Hacking
  • Kinetic energy distance for Power Cube reduced from 8km to 4km
  • 30-min Drone cooldown
  • Double XM cost for Hacking, Deploying Resonators and Upgrading Resonators
  • 19% Portal decay per day up from 15%

Summer Solstice Medals

If you choose to participate in this Event and help our Portal Network, the NIA will award you a Solstice Recharge Challenge medal for your hard work! Because the flow of XM is a bit weird right now, you may see a delay in achieving this badge, but don’t worry! As long as you recharge at least 300,00 XM you should recieve the badge! If you are unsure if you have earned the badge, you can check under your Events Metrics for your progress.

If you arent interested in the recharge event, do not have enough portals to recharge, or just want another cool looking medal, you can find the Summer Solstice 2022 Medal for purchase in the In-App store! This medal will be available for a limited time for 2,500 CMU. Get it while you can! Along with some of these featured powercube bundles if you need them!

I hope you all have fun with this Event Agents! I think the medals look amazing together and it is nice to have a laid back event. If you place to participate, we encourage you to follow your local areas health and safety guidelines! Happy Solstice!