Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K

We touched a little bit on the emergence of the Circle-K portals in a previous article, along with an unconfirmed image giving details. Turns out…


Since our previous article Niantic has released some details of this partnership and I’ve also been in touch with the regional rep for Circle-K Arizona. I’ll share the details of what I know so far as well as a recap of what we found out in the previous article.


Circle-K portals come online


On 12/11/15, 400+ Circle-K portals came online into the portal network, centered around Phoenix Arizona. While we’ve been talking with the Circle-K AZ regional rep for details, we still have not been able to confirm out how long this promotion will be going, or if it’ll spread to all other Circle-K locations as well (NDA maybe). We do know that this partnership was at the very least targeted at those attending the #Abaddon anomaly in Phoenix held last weekend.



The ‘Sustain’ Glyph

The Niantic Project posted about The Circle-K AZ partnership, tying it into the Ingress lore and giving us a new glyph mimicking the Circle-K logo. It is opposite of the ‘Interrupt’ glyph and suggested to mean ‘Sustain’. Alternatively it’s suggested that it could mean ‘Sustain-All’ because it is combined with that ‘All’ glyph. It is unknown if we’ll be seeing this glyph more in Ingress lore or in the scanner.



Promotion Details

The Niantic post directed users to the Circle-K AZ Rewards page, which gives details on registering for the required Circle-K Rewards app (Android / iOS). However nothing in the Niantic post or linked rewards page really gave all the details on what the promotion offered and how to participate in it. Thankfully, the Circle-K AZ regional rep has our backs and got me the details! Here are the promotions from the Circle-K app itself:


This outlines a Common, Rare, and Very Rare promotional deals through the app itself and mentions that you can “claim this deal instantly to receive your printed Ingress passcode.” Even with all this, it still didn’t detail what kind of items are in each passcode rarity, what this printed passcode looked like, or how to receive it after your purchase. When originally discovered on Reddit, local cashiers also had no clue about the promotion when agents went asking around in AZ.


Not only was I able to get the details on what is in each passcode, but I also found out they also work like lottery tickets, each having at a chance to give Shields, ADA/Jarvis, and Very Rare Link Amp’s on top of their normal load outs. Here are the details:

Get a COMMON Ingress passcode when you purchase:

  • Any Size Polar Pop
  • Any Size Coffee

Get a RARE Ingress Passcode when you purchase:

  • (2) Red Bulls
  • (2) Gatorades
  • (2) 20 oz Coca-Cola Family Products

Get a VERY RARE Ingress Passcode when you purchase:

  • A Circle K Meal Combo which contains:
  • (1) 20 oz Pepsi Family Product
  • (1) Hot Dog, Sandwich, or Rollergrille Item
  • (1) Bag of Circle K Kettle Chips
  • (1) King Sized Hershey product

Each code is one time use and gives the following chances to get the following items, at player level:

  • 500-3000 XM
  • 2-10 XMPs
  • 2-10 Resonators
  • 2-5 Powercubes
  • 2-4 Ultra Strikes
  • Moderate chance of getting Portal Shields in varying rarity
  • Small chance of getting Jarvis Virus / ADA Refactor
  • Also, these passcodes include very small amount of Very Rare Link Amp


And here are the details on how to redeem your passcodes (only at the Circle-K AZ locations):



The above details are from this page that the Circle-K AZ regional rep shared with me. I’ll make sure to post more updates as they come (especially if this goes outside AZ). Also a reminder from the page I just linked it to is be patient with the cashiers. They probably know less than we do and we should cut them some slack.


The FG / Circle-K contest (Psst, passcodes!)

Even though the promotion is only at Circle-K’s in AZ currently, the AZ regional rep has decided to give us a small amount of passcodes to be given away in a contest that we will be running via our Twitter account (@FevGames). If you live near a Circle-K (even outside the AZ area), you’ll want to give us a follow on Twitter for a heads up on when this contest is being ran as it’ll be a first come, first serve basis. The rarity of the passcodes given are unknown.

The Twitter contest is over now, but give us a follow on there and our other social media’s to stay up to date on content from FG.