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Swipe Navigation in Ingress Prime

The release of Ingress Prime includes many quality of life enhancements, including one to help agents navigate more quickly. Here’s everything you need to know about the new swipe navigation.

Navigation is now managed via circular buttons near the bottom of the screen so that you can easily reach it with your thumb. Many of these buttons display “sub-buttons” when tapped. Swipe navigation allows you to activate these sub-buttons with a single gesture, letting you access them more quickly.

Buttons which support swipe navigation have small dots next to them. If you swipe from the button in the direction of a dot, you will immediately activate the sub-button that appears in that direction. Let’s go into detail about what actions you can do with swipe navigation.


The ops menu ring button

The ops menu, which has been moved to a ring-shaped button at the bottom-center of the scanner screen, supports three swipe gestures:

The three ops buttons accessible with swipe navigation

Swiping diagonally up and left from the ops ring button will immediately open your inventory, swiping directly up will open the attack drawer, and swiping diagonally up and right will open the comm screen. By remembering these gestures, you can access this functionality with a single touch instead of two. (The ops button is somewhat forgiving: you can swipe directly left for inventory and directly right for comms. However, other swipe-enabled buttons are not so lenient.)

Now, inventory and comms are already available with single touches from the main scanner screen (by touching the inventory status panel and the activity/alert panels, respectively). However, quicker access to the attack drawer is certainly nice. But the ops menu is not the only place you can use swipe navigation.

Portal Detail

The portal detail menu

The portal detail screen has three swipe-enabled buttons:

The hack menu

Swipe diagonally up and left from the hack menu to activate glyph hacking. Swipe up to request a key, and diagonally up and right to request no key. This is a nice improvement from the long-press menu of Ingress Classic.

The deploy menu

Swipe straight up from the deploy button to deploy a resonator, or swipe diagonally up and right to install a mod.

The recharge menu

Just tapping the recharge button will do a regular recharge, but swipe up to do a boost recharge.

Of course, the change in navigation means having to retrain our muscle memory, but these changes promise to speed up your actions, which could be particularly important in anomaly play, when moments count. Be sure to keep an eye on our Ingress Guide, which is being updated to reflect the changes in Ingress Prime.